#Euroleaks: the twin tragedies of austerity and the refugee crisis

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There is a deep connection between the tragedy of the rejection of migrants, the enforcement of austerity, and the memorandum that 62% of the Greek citizens had refused in July 2015. That event had a devastating effect on the European Unconscious: people internalised the impotence of democracy when facing financial power, and the humiliation of Greek democracy fed the desire of revenge against democracy itself.

The Inevitable and the Unpredictable

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Franco "Bifo" Berardi

The political dissolution of the EU seems inevitable, as racism and nationalism are growing in many countries of Europe. But we must remember the words of John Maynard Keynes: the inevitable generally does not happen, because the unpredictable prevails instead. DiEM25 has this function: helping the unpredictable to emerge.