Panel: DiEM@G20 @ Volksbühne Berlin, Grüner Salon
May 25 @ 12:00 – 13:30

Panel: DiEM@G20

May 25th, Volksbühne Berlin, Grüner Salon, 12:00-13.30 CET


Heike Loeschmann (Heinrich-Boell-Foundation, Alternative Summit Alliance),

Srećko Horvat (DiEM25 Co-Founder, DiEM25 Coordination Collective)

Søren Altstaedt (DiEM25 German Federal Committee, Alternative Summit Alliance)

On July 7th & 8th the City of Hamburg will host the G20 summit. This self-proclaimed club of the „Great“ has no democratic mandate. Unlike any other it stands for austerity, social inequality, war and ecological destruction. DiEM25 is Europe’s most vivid alternative to the G20’s politics and agenda.  For this we will occupy Hamburg along with our international allies and take action threefoldly:

  1. DiEM25 is one of 66 international organisations, which organised an alternative summit to G20. There will be a workshop organised by DiEM25, to which we will invite all global progressives present at the summit to discuss alliances. Also Srećko Horvat will take part in the closing event on July 6th at 7.30 p.m., where he will discuss possibilities for a Progressive International ogether with Jayati Gosh, Angela Davis and Hans-Jürgen Urban.
  2. On the eve of July 7th DiEM25 will host a podium discussion at the University of Hamburg. Guests will be Renata Avila, Srećko Horvat, Lorenzo Marsili and many others.
  3. On July 8th there will be the huge Demo Solidarity without borders instead of G20. DiEM25 will join forces with 150.000 expected protesters. The Demo will start at 10.00 a.m. and proceed with 5 processions through the city centre. Several DiEMistas will speak at the rallies.

For more information about events during the G20 Summit please visit:

Next Stop 2019? @ Volksbühne
May 25 @ 20:00 – 22:30

We launched the Democracy In Europe Movement (DiEM25) at the Volksbühne on February 9, 2016. Since then, our predictions on the disintegrating course of our Union have unfortunately come true: Brexit, the rise of nationalism, a more divided Eurozone at an advanced stage of disintegration, and an EU drifting towards failure and authoritarianism.

Juncker, Merkel et al, unable and unwilling to put forward a progressive agenda for Europe that would stop it bleeding, have resigned themselves to this disintegration, proposing inane ideas like ‘multiple speeds;’ and ‘variable geometries’. And some progressives are even suggesting that Europe’s disintegration be allowed to take its course, with the return of all powers to the nation state.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

We at DiEM25 take a different view. Last March, at the launch of our progressive, internationalist socio-economic agenda, the European New Deal, we answered the question: What should we do to stabilise our Union and save it?

On May 25, DiEM25 will return to the Volksbühne to answer another, vital, question: How are we going to make it happen?

Join us! There is still time to act and your participation is essential to our common struggle.


By choice, DiEM25 has no corporate ‘sponsors’, no ‘commitments’ to anyone except to the idea that Europe will either be democratised or it will disintegrate. We are funded solely by our members.

So that everyone can understand each other at our May 25 event at the Volksbühne, we need simultaneous translation. That means hiring professional translators and equipment. The modest entry fee for the event (8 EUR) is a contribution to the movement – ahead of the event, we will publish a breakdown of the event’s costs and how this contribution will be used.

DiEM25 Ireland Launch @ The Complex (15 Little Green St, North City, Dublin 7, Ireland) & Tivoli Theatre (138 Francis St, Merchants Quay, Dublin 8, Ireland)
May 27 – May 28 all-day
DiEM25 Ireland Launch @ The Complex (15 Little Green St, North City, Dublin 7, Ireland) & Tivoli Theatre (138 Francis St, Merchants Quay, Dublin 8, Ireland) | Dublin | County Dublin | Ireland

DiEM25 Ireland Launch

“Towards a Democratic, European Constitution”
May 27 & 28, 2017, Dublin
Dear Democrats, dear Friends,
We are excited to let you know that DiEM25 will be launching in Ireland during the weekend of the 27th and the 28th of May, 2017. Save the dates. The main event will happen on the evening of the 27th of May with confirmed speakers so far: Yanis Varoufakis and Nessa Childers, MEP. After the great event planned in Berlin on the 25th and 26th of May, we hope to continue the conversation on how to achieve DiEM25’s goals in Dublin.
We believe that the European Union is disintegrating and Europeans are losing their faith in the possibility of European solutions to European problems. That is why we invite you to join us at our launch to come together despite our diverse political backgrounds – Greens, radical left, liberal etc. – in order to begin discussions on how we can repair Europe, to make Europe a realm of shared prosperity, peace and solidarity for all.
The launch of DiEM25 Ireland will be people centred. What we, the people of Europe, desire to achieve and how we want to achieve it, will be the subject of our main “World Cafe”. Your contribution, your opinion and your work are necessary. Europe is not the European Union or the European institutions as we know them today. Europe is the peoples of Europe, and it is our time to speak up.
We will be holding workshops in the participatory format of a World Cafe during the 27th of May, which will be followed by an evening gathering with international speakers and the results of the day’s work. The World Cafe discussions will center around a plan for a future Democratic European Constitution. On Sunday the 28th, discussions will center around the movement building of DiEM25 itself: how to improve our own organisation, empower the members and improve our own transparency and democracy.
May 26, evening: Informal gathering with DiEM25 members coming from across Europe
May 27, morning & afternoon @ The Complex: Participatory World Cafe – small scale discussions around the topic of a Democratic, European Constitution
May 27, evening @ Tivoli Theatre: Main DiEM25 Launch Event with members of the CC and the Advisory Panel. Confirmed Speakers: Yanis Varoufakis & Nessa Childers (MEP)
May 28, morning & afternoon: Workshop sessions, focusing on movement building in DiEM25 (how to shape our democracy, transparency, and member’s engagement)
Important note: Tickets are available for the separate parts of the programme. If you would like to attend all parts or a combination of parts, please reserve all tickets accordingly.
What sort of Europe do we want? How do we want Europe to function to protect the most vulnerable in society and to ensure fairness and democracy for all? DiEM25 Dublin invites you to take part in this conversation. It does not matter where you come from, which political party or social movement you follow, whether you represent yourself or others. If you believe that Europe should become a place of uncontested democracy and solidarity and if you want to take a part in the shaping of our common future, please join us.
For further information see our Dublin website  where you can book your tickets for Saturday night (€ 8,-), register for the World Cafe, and find a full programme for the weekend. You can register for the separate parts of the event here.
We hope to welcome many of you in Dublin at the end of May!
[If you have any queries or wish to offer to speak on the day please feel free to contact us!]
Democratically yours,
DiEM25 Dublin-1 DSC
Wohin steuert Europa? Heidelberg @ Hörsaal Campus Bergheim
Jun 1 @ 19:00
Wohin steuert Europa? Heidelberg @ Hörsaal Campus Bergheim | Heidelberg | Baden-Württemberg | Germany

Europa 2030 – Ausblick und Szenarien für Zukunft der EU

Im Rahmen der Themenreihe “Wohin steuert Europa? – Europa Monat 2017” des FiS (Forum für internationale Sicherheit) Heidelberg wird Thomas Seibert (verlinken) auf dem Abschlusspodium zusammen mit Dr. Franziska Brantner (MdB, Grüne), Prof. Dr. Wolf Schünemann (Universität Hildesheim) und Sebastian Zeitzmann (Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen) über Szenarien für die Zukunft der EU diskutieren. Das Podium schließt an einen Szenarienworkshop für Studierende der Universität Heidelberg an.
Solidarisches Europa: Wo leben wir? @ Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
Jun 23 @ 20:00 – 23:00

Mehrheit sucht Regierung 2/3

Imran Ayata, Autor
Ulrich Brand, Politikwissenschaftler
Daphne Büllesbach, Europäerin
Terry Reintke, B90/Grüne (angefragt)

Moderiert von Sonja Buckel

Europa muss Sozialunion werden, mindestens. Und Deutschland ist ein zentraler Schauplatz europäischer Politik: Sparzwang, Niedriglöhne und Exportüberschüsse Made in Germany zerstören die Lebensgrundlagen ganzer Generationen.

Die Europäische Union scheint heute vielen nicht mehr als das eiserne Gehäuse brutaler Austeritätspolitik zu sein: ein intransparentes bürokratisches Monster. Doch Europa ist mehr als die EU. Im Schatten neoliberaler Strukturanpassungen entstehen im Süden Europas innovative Ansätze demokratischer und solidarischer Politik. Sie könnten zum Paradigma einer neuen politischen Idee werden.

Welche Rolle kann und muss Deutschland in einem friedlichen, solidarischen und demokratischen Europa spielen? Wie kann Europa ein Ort der globalen Gerechtigkeit werden? Was ist die europäische Dimension der Bundestagswahl?

Closing event of the Global Solidarity Summit (G20 Alternative Summit) @ Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Kirchenallee 39, 20099 Hamburg (directly at central station)
Jul 6 @ 19:30 – 21:30

Closing event of the Global Solidarity Summit
(G20 Alternative Summit)

For global solidarity – with a progressive Internationale?
Strategies against neoliberalism and the new far right

During the event we will discuss, which existing or possible alliances can challenge the G20’s policies; especially in the context of current political dynamics.

Location: Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Kirchenallee 39, 20099 Hamburg (directly at central station)

Podium guests:

1.  Ann Wright (US peace movement / Code Pink / women’s march on Washington)

2. Srećko Horvat (DiEM25)

3. Hans-Jürgen Urban (Chairman of the Industrial Union of Metalworkers Germany)

4. Jayati Ghosh (University of Jawaharlal-Nehru, New Delhi/India)

Moderation: Mario Candeias (Director of the Institute for Social Analyses of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation)


Abschlussveranstaltung des Alternativgipfels zu G20

Für Globale Solidarität – mit einer progressiven Internationale?
Strategien gegen den Neoliberalismus und die neue Rechte

Im Rahmen der Veranstaltung wird diskutiert, welche bestehenden und möglichen Bündnisse gegen diePolitik der G20  Diskussion bestehender und möglicher Bündnisse und Bewegungen gegen die Politik der G20 im Kontext der aktuellen politischen Dynamik

Ort: Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Kirchenallee 39, 20099 Hamburg (direkt am Hauptbahnhof)

1.  Ann Wright (US Friedensbewegung / Code Pink / Mitorganisatorin des Marsches der Frauen auf Washington

2. Srećko Horvat (DiEM25)

3. Hans-Jürgen Urban (IG Metall-Vorstand)

4. Jayati Ghosh (Jawaharlal-Nehru-Universität, Neu Delhi/Indien)

Moderation: Mario Candeias (Direktor des Instituts für Gesellschaftsanalyse der Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung

Solidarische Einwanderungsgesellschaft: Wer ist eigentlich wir?
Sep 4 @ 19:00 – 21:30
Mehrheit sucht Regierung 3/3

Gesine Schwan, SPD
Katja Kipping, Vorsitzende DIE LINKE
Stephan Lessenich, Vorsitzender DGS
N.N., Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen

Moderiert von N.N.

Soziale Gerechtigkeit ist heute mehr denn je eine globale Frage. Unsere Gesellschaft ist Teil einer weltweiten Ökonomie – und gleichzeitig ist die Welt Teil unserer Gesellschaft. Eine neue linke Sozialpolitik wird sich daher auch auf dem Feld der Migration beweisen müssen.

Der “Sommer der Migration” hat uns erneut vor Augen geführt: Gerechtigkeit ist nicht nur eine Frage des “Wieviel”, sondern auch des “Wer”. Wenn globale auf nationale Ungleichheit trifft, dann entstehen neue politische Konstellationen, dann wird auch unser Koordinatensystem herausgefordert. Dies ist umso brisanter, weil sich an der Frage der sozialen Gerechtigkeit möglicherweise die Wahl entscheiden wird – und auch, ob eine mögliche progressive Regierung ihren Namen tatsächlich verdient.

Also: Wer ist eigentlich “wir”? Was bedeutet soziale Gerechtigkeit heute: eine sanktionsfreie Mindestsicherung für alle deutschen Staatsbürger*innen oder für alle, die hier sind?