88 candidates to the Bundestag commit to DiEM25’s policy agenda

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On the occasion of the French presidential election in March, we published a list of progressive candidates to the National Assembly. With this list we wanted to show that a progressive policy in Europe is possible, as we had demonstrated with Zagreb is Ours! in Croatia. This was our motivation in the UK, where DiEMers voted to endorse a broad list of candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections and in France where our proposal was accepted by 52 candidates including Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Now, we want to push for a progressive alliance at the ballot box in Germany.

On this occasion we welcomed the chance to give German politicians the opportunity to support our progressive agenda. In the week running up to the elections we were convinced we should provide some new input, as until now the election campaign has been dominated by less than inspiring themes. Much has been said about pensions or the supposed successes of the past – and how progressive approaches have often come up short. At the same time, all parties seem to be lining up to make promises to change something.

So we asked our German members and their DSCs to discuss what a progressive policy should look like. From these discussions, we formulated 8 progressive proposals for Germany, which this Monday the German Federal Committee (PNC) sent out to more than 800 Bundestag candidates, inviting them to show their support and take part in our Progressive List. The call has been signed by 88 candidates.

By signing, progressive politicians commit to working towards the following goals in the next legislature:

1. We demand the defense and strengthening of the social market economy and associated social achievements, as the economic model of the future. Therefore this should be promoted further at the European level in order to achieve social conditions for the market forces and a strong social policy.
2. We demand a European economic policy that takes into account that a common economic area cannot function if we constantly seek to undercut ourselves with taxes and wages and ‘flexibility’, treating solidarity in terms of self-interest.
3. We demand a European New Deal that involves large-scale investment in infrastructure and education, raising the German investment rate and having a pan-European upturn as its goal.
4.We demand the democratic elaboration of a European Constitution. A constitution that will strengthen our common democratic values, protecting and promoting freedom of assembly, transparency and solidarity.
5. We demand social-ecological transition, as we recognise man-made climate change and insist it is considered in political decision-making.
6. We demand a digital economy in Europe, therefore expanding the necessary infrastructure, giving citizens more control over their own data and encouraging open source development.
7. We demand a reasonable, humane and realistic migration and refugee policy, as well as ending the EU-Turkey deal on refugees.
8. We demand an open, emancipated and peaceful Europe, which is internationally active for peace and which is conscious of our shared responsibilities to the world. A Europe which won’t export weapons to dictators and war-mongers.


Name Party Constituency
Cornelia Kerth DIE LINKE 22, Hamburg-Wandsbek
Corinna Rüffer Bündnis 90/Die Grünen 25, Trier
Martina Broschei Piratenpartei 40, Nienburg II-Schaumburg
Christian Vey Piratenpartei 41, Hannover I
Thomas Ganskow Piratenpartei 42, Hannover II
Gerd Posywio Piratenpartei 47, Hannover Umland II
Jens Golland Piratenpartei 49, Salzgitter-Wolfenbüttel
Kirsten Tackmann DIE LINKE 56, Prignitz
Mathias Täge Piratenpartei 60, Brandenburg
Andreas Schramm Piratenpartei 61, Potsdam
Gerhard Kalinka Bündnis 90/Die Grünen 62, Dahme-Spreewald
Clemens Rostock Bündnis 90/Die Grünen 63, Frankfurt (Oder)
Stefan Schön Bündnis 90/Die Grünen 65, Elbe-Elster
Steve Rauhut DIE LINKE 75, Berlin Mitte
Alexander Spies Piratenpartei 81, Berlin-Tempelhof-Schöneberg
Matthias W. Birkwald DIE LINKE 94, Köln II
Güldane Tokyürek DIE LINKE 95, Köln III
Stefan Kottas Piratenpartei 102, Wuppertal I
Kathrin Vogler DIE LINKE 128, Steinfurt III
Sabine Martiny Piratenpartei 137, Paderborn-Gütersloh
Katja Kipping DIE LINKE 159, Dresden I
Dr. Martin Schulte-Wissermann Piratenpartei 160, Dresden II / Bautzen II
Toni Rotter Piratenpartei 162, Chemnitz
Tamina Veit DIE LINKE 172, Lahn-Dill
Nick Papak Amoozegar DIE LINKE 174, Fulda
Dirk Methfessel DIE LINKE 175, Main-Kinzig
Adrian Gabriel DIE LINKE 179, Wiesbaden
Pawel Borodan Piratenpartei 182, Frankfurt I
Anke Hofmann-Domke DIE LINKE 192, Gotha Ilm-Kreis
Marie Salm Piratenpartei 199, Koblenz
Manuela Holz DIE LINKE 201, Bad Kreuznach
Gerald Unger DIE LINKE 207, Ludwigshafen-Frankenthal
Brigitte Freihold DIE LINKE 210, Pirmasens
Erich Utz DIE LINKE 212, Altötting-Mühldorf
Roland Meier DiE LINKE 216, Ingolstadt
Sebastian Roloff SPD 219, München-Süd
Gerhard D.A. Bruckner Die Partei 219, München-Süd
Dominik Lehmann DIE LINKE 221, München West/Mitte
Erkan Dinar DIE LINKE 228, Landshut
Harald Weinberg DIE LINKE 241, Ansbach und Weißenburg
Jonas Schwemmer Piratenpartei 246, Roth
Michael Knödler Piratenpartei 258, Stuttgart I
Alexander Relea-Linder DIE LINKE 269, Backnang/Schwäbisch Gmünd
Saskia Jürgens DIE LINKE 270, Aalen-Heidenheim
Heiko Eisenbrueckner Piratenpartei 280, Calw
Sabin Schumacher Piratenpartei 282, Lörrach-Müllheim
Eva-Maria Glathe-Braun DIE LINKE 291, Ulm
Anja Hirschel Piratenpartei 291, Ulm
Claudia Haydt DIE LINKE 293, Bodensee
Marilyn Heib DIE LINKE 297, Saarlouis
Sigrid Ott Demokratie in Bewegung Baden-Württemberg, Listenplatz 1
Dr. Mohammed Sharityar Demokratie in Bewegung Baden-Württemberg, Listenplatz 2
Sabine Onayli Demokratie in Bewegung Baden-Württemberg, Listenplatz 5
Claudia Haydt DIE LINKE Baden-Württemberg, Listenplatz 7, Vorstand Europäische Linke
Alexander Relea-Linder DIE LINKE Baden-Württemberg, Listenplatz 8
Anja Hirschel Piratenpartei Baden-Württemberg, Listenplatz 1
Oliver Burkardsmaier Piratenpartei Baden-Württemberg, Listenplatz 7
Philip Köngeter Piratenpartei Baden-Württemberg, Listenplatz 8
Stephanie Lund Piratenpartei Baden-Württemberg, Listenplatz 12
Henrik Eisele Piratenpartei Baden-Württemberg, Listenplatz 13
Maximilian Glasneck Demokratie in Bewegung Bayern, Listenplatz 2
Gerhard Kalinka Bündnis’90/Die Grünen Brandenburg, Listenplatz 2
Sara Redolfi Demokratie in Bewegung Berlin, Listenplatz 1
Benedikt J. Sequeira Gerardo Demokratie in Bewegung Berlin, Listenplatz 2
Anett Polzin Demokratie in Bewegung Berlin, Listenplatz 4
Martin Haase Piratenpartei Berlin, Listenplatz 1
Ute Laack Piratenpartei Berlin, Listenplatz 2
Dr. Franz Josef Schmitt Piratenpartei Berlin, Listenplatz 3
Simon Kowalewski Piratenpartei Berlin, Listenplatz 4
Therese Lehnen Piratenpartei Berlin, Listenplatz 6
Beatrice Behrens Demokratie in Bewegung Hamburg, Listenplatz 1
Sebastian Alscher Piratenpartei Hessen, Listenplatz 1
Pawel Borodan Piratenpartei Hessen, Listenplatz 2
Frank Lerche Piratenpartei Hessen, Listenplatz 3
Joachim Winters Bündnis Grundeinkommen (BGE) Niedersachsen, Listenplatz 5
Dr. Michael-Tillmann Berndt Piratenpartei Niedersachsen, Listenplatz 1
Thomas Ganskow Piratenpartei Niedersachsen, Listenplatz 3
Nils Ellmers Piratenpartei Niedersachsen, Listenplatz 6
Martina Broschei Piratenpartei Niedersachsen, Listenplatz 7
Lea Brunn Demokratie in Bewegung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Listenplatz 1
Alexander Plitsch Demokratie in Bewegung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Listenplatz 2, Parteivorsitzender
Michael Hohenadler Demokratie in Bewegung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Listenplatz 3
Sabine Sedlaczek Demokratie in Bewegung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Listenplatz 8
Darius Walter Demokratie in Bewegung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Listenplatz 11
Patrick Schiffer Piratenpartei Nordrhein-Westfalen, Listenplatz 1, Parteivorsitzender
Markus Wetzler Piratenpartei Nordrhein-Westfalen, Listenplatz 6
Manfred Schramm Piratenpartei Nordrhein-Westfalen, Listenplatz 13
Brigitte Freihold DIE LINKE Rheinland-Pfalz, Listenplatz 3
Agnes Russo Demokratie in Bewegung Sachsen, Listenplatz 1
Joe Roesler Demokratie in Bewegung Sachsen, Listenplatz 2
Katja Kipping DIE LINKE Sachsen, Listenplatz 1, Parteivorsitzende
Caren Lay DIE LINKE Sachsen, Listenplatz 7
Tilman Loos DIE LINKE Sachsen, Listenplatz 8
Robert Lutz Piratenpartei Sachsen, Listenplatz 1
Toni Rotter Piratenpartei Sachsen, Listenplatz 2
Jörg Stefan Smuda Piratenpartei Sachsen, Listenplatz 5
Franka Kretschmer Demokratie in Bewegung Sachsen-Anhalt, Listenplatz 1
Bernd Schreiner Piratenpartei Thüringen, Listenplatz 1

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