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Ο μήνας που πέρασε στο DiEM25: Μάρτιος 2021


Οι κυριότερες εξωτερικές και εσωτερικές δράσεις μας τον μήνα που πέρασε

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The Green New Deal for Europe with James K. Galbraith and David Adler [video]


Our special guest James K. Galbraith and David Adler answer all your burning Green New Deal questions in this exclusive DiEM TV programme.

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O último mês no DiEM25: Março de 2021


Ações externas Em Março: A Internacional Progressista lançou o seu documentário: ‘Covid-19: Um ano depois’ Fotini Bakadima, membro do CC, fez ...

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Last Month in DiEM25: March 2021


Now, more than ever, we need a strong, capable movement to push ahead our common-sense agenda for Europe and its people.

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Tell DiEM25 what political issues need most addressing in your country


Are you a DiEMer in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania or Slovakia? Tell us what issues matter to you!

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Faces of DiEM: Saving nature from private interests


DiEM25 member Jonathan Silva is fighting to prevent the cliffs of the Algarve region in Portugal from being privatised!

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Green New Deal for Europe (tweet)storms the European Parliament TODAY!


To mark the Global Climate Strike today, we’ve turned our GNDE goals into tweet-sized demands and will direct a tweetstorm at the European Parliament!

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Rejoignez la campagne du Green New Deal pour l’Europe pendant la grève mondiale pour le climat!


Du 9 au 19 mars, les militants du Green New Deal pour l'Europe lanceront une tempête de tweets pendant la grève mondiale pour le climat.

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Join the Green New Deal for Europe campaign during the global climate strike!


Between 9-19 March 2021, Green New Deal for Europe activists will engage in a Tweetstorm during the global climate strike.

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