E78: Election update from Bremen

In the next few days, we’ll make history: for the first time ever, an international left-wing movement will be running in elections in two different countries, just a week apart. Our political parties MERA25 will be on the ballot in general elections in Greece, and in the German state of Bremen. In a sense, these two bids couldn’t be more different.

In Greece, our party has been in parliament for four years, and we’re led by a former finance minister. In Bremen, we’re building something from the ground up, with a dedicated local group of mostly first-time activists.

But both cases are a chance for us to put DiEM25’s groundbreaking proposals, radicality and spirit of internationalism to the electorate.

So on tonight’s livestream, we’ll be checking in with the candidates and campaign teams. What is electoral campaigning like in 2023? What challenges have they faced? And what’s the historic significance of the coming few days?

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