E67: Chaos in the UK! How did we get here and what’s the way out?


What can British people – and those around Europe – expect from this latest (unelected) Tory government?

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E66: Is this EU worth joining, or is there an alternative?


The war in Ukraine is bringing to light a key issue for non-EU countries today.

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E65: Italy swings far-right with Meloni – why did this happen, and how do we fight back?


How did Italy get here, what happens now, and how can the Left rebuild itself into a force capable of challenging the far-right?

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E64: Spying on us all – Government and Big Tech want even more surveillance powers


What does the potential expansion of digital surveillance by governments and corporations mean for democracy in Europe and beyond?

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E63: Europe’s electricity market: The scam of the century?


How much of this energy crisis is due to how our politicians have set up the market, and how much to corporate greed?

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E62: Greece and the EU drowned desperate people in the Mediterranean — and lied about it


Why is Europe so intent on keeping desperate people from crossing its borders in the Mediterranean? Our panel discusses.

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E61: The cost of living crisis – what’s causing it, how bad will it get, and how do we fix it?


Prices are on the rise everywhere you look. But why? Our panel, including Yanis Varoufakis, Erik Edman and Julijana Zita, discusses.

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Death threats, lawfare and resistance: Fighting fracking in the Global South, with Esteban Servat


Esteban mobilised thousands of people in the biggest anti-fracking protest yet witnessed. The government tried to prosecute him. And when that ...

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E60: Julian Assange’s extradition to the US


We ask Renata Ávila, one of Julian Assange’s lawyers, about his options, and what people can do.

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