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Abbiamo visto qualcosa come i Crowdshorters di “Another Now” in azione?


Abbiamo visto qualcosa come i Crowdshorters di “Another Now” in azione?  Giudicate voi!   Nel mio libro Another Now ho immaginato un ...

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Did we see something like Another Now’s Crowdshorters in action?


In Another Now, Varoufakis imagined a new type of resistance movement that uses the tools of finance to bring down capitalism.

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Identity, solidarity and DiEM25


At a time when divisions are wreaking havoc amongst progressives, we have an opportunity to use our differences to foster solidarity.

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Uma mensagem festiva do DiEM25 para 2021


Eu sou Yanis Varoufakis e deixo uma mensagem para o Ano Novo, do DiEM25 2020 deixa para trás muitos escombros – dor, medo, vidas ...

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A festive message on behalf of DiEM25 for 2021


This year leaves behind much debris -- but we also owe a debt of gratitude to 2020: It has helped expose seven fundamental secrets.

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Designing a postcapitalist future in the midst of the pandemic


We may already be in the early phase of a grim post-capitalism. It's time to start designing, together, a desirable post-capitalism.

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Yanis Varoufakis poziva na bojkot Amazona ovog Black Friday-a !


Amazonovi dani nekažnjivosti su prošli. Zajedno, ovog Black Friday-a, možemo napraviti gigantske promjene sićušnim činom solidarnosti s ...

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Yanis Varoufakis invita a boicottare Amazon questo Black Friday!


I giorni di impunità di Amazon sono finiti. Insieme, questo Black Friday, possiamo fare una gigantesca differenza con un piccolo atto di ...

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Yanis Varoufakis apela ao boicote à Amazon na Black Friday!


Os dias de impunidade da Amazon chegaram ao fim. Juntos, nesta Black Friday, podemos fazer uma diferença gigantesca com um pequeno acto de ...

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