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DiEM25 is a pan-European, progressive movement that aims to democratise the EU before it disintegrates. Our bid to effect change is enshrined in our Green New Deal for Europe. Read more

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The Green New Deal for Europe

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DiEM25’s Alternative Security Conference: Security for whom? — APRIL 27 – 29

Between April 27 – 29 DiEM25 is hosting its first-ever Alternative Security Conference. Six sessions over three days, find out more and join in.

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Albania’s general election: between desperation and hope

Albania faces general elections on April 25. Will it be more business-as-usual or is there hope for an altenative?

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Why the Netherlands needs a Green New Deal

Elitism, Green New Deals, Nitrogen and farmers resistance.

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What Europe Must Now Do — our Progressive European Policy Agenda for the 2020s

DiEM25 is now proposing a Progressive Agenda focusing on public health, shared prosperity, and green peace.

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DiEM25 is powered by people like you. Wherever you are, whatever volunteer time, skills, and resources you can contribute, join us! Time is running out, so get hands on to help build our movement and make our vision for Europe come true.

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DiEM25 is a bottom-up social and political movement in which all decisions and initiatives are democratically taken by its members. From developing the movement's organisational strategy to drafting policy proposals and even running in elections, DiEMers from every corner of Europe have more than a say in shaping the future they want. Join our online thematic groups and help us develop and materialise our Progressive Agenda for Europe.