Freedom & Democracy: Global Issues in Context – with Edward Snowden & Srećko Horvat

DiEM25 Team

15/01/2017 @ 17:00 – 22:00
Munich: Muffatwerk
Zellstraße 4
81667 München
Actvism Munich

Freedom & Democracy: Global Issues in Context
with Edward Snowden, Jürgen Todenhöfer, Jeremy Scahill, Paul Jay, Srećko Horvat und Richard Wolff

At the end of the Second World War a new era of globalization of capital and production began that continues on today and is enforced through manifold free trade agreements. Another turning point was 9/11. Since then, an increased military presence and an expanding security apparatus is leading to more surveillance and violence in the name of national security.

In addition, the disparity between rich and poor is growing ever larger and global society is experiencing the increasing regression of stability and civil rights. The current wars in the Middle East, the possible ignition of a new Cold War, terrorism and surveillance, financial crises, poverty as well as the flight of refugees or environmental catastrophe are all unfortunate and disastrous signs of our time.

Are these events interconnected? Can we see a pattern? Are they taken out of context or completely ignored? We will speak with international experts about supposed structures and connections to find out if and how we can make a change for the better of all. LIVE IN MUNICH on the 15th of JANUARY, 2017.


– Edward Snowden (Video-Conference)
– Jürgen Todenhöfer (Live)
– Jeremy Scahill (Live)
– Richard D. Wolff (Video-Conference)
– Paul Jay (Live)
– Srecko Horvat (Live)


– Privacy, civil rights and mass surveillance
– Western foreign policy and Germany’s role
– US foreign policy and the military industrial complex
– Freedom and democracy in the current economic system
– Function and role of independent and mainstream media
– Development, possibilities and urgency of political activism and grassroots movements

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