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How can I be part of DiEM25?

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DiEM25 is a transnational movement with a simple yet radical goal: to democratise Europe!

Anyone can become a member – you don’t have to be a European citizen. Joining will take you less than a minute.

As a full member you’ll be able to:

  • participate in our actions and policy-making initiatives
  • help shape our campaigns across Europe by getting involved in our internal democratic exercises
  • stay informed of our movement’s activities, including our upcoming events
  • connect with like-minded people, online via our Forum and in person via our local groups (DSCs)

The fee to be a full member of DiEM25 is € 5 per month on a VOLUNTARY basis.

To become a full member, sign up here.

If you prefer to be an associative member, use this form instead. Associative members receive our newsletters but do not have voting rights.

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Last Updated On September 11, 2017