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How can I communicate with more DiEMers?

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The most basic channel for member-to-member communication is the DiEM25 Forum. That is where most DiEM25 members have an account, so that you can reach them for a group discussion on policy or also for private messages. Additionally, some members prefer to interact on Facebook — mostly in the moderated “DiEM25 Thoughts and Discussions”  group. Local groups may run Facebook groups of their own, for whose moderation DiEM25 does not take responsibility.

The DiEM25 Communications team runs a Slack platform which is focused on doing the movements’s communications work: graphics, articles, videos, social media and press relations. If you want to help out, mail our comms team for an invitation to the platform, outlining what you think you can contribute.

If you want to talk to DiEM25 members in real life (which we highly recommend :), first check if there is a local group in your city and, if not, possibly try the “Meet Local Members” forum. If you want to initiate a local meet-up, write to the Volunteer Coordination, who can send an invitation to all DiEMers in your city on your behalf.

If you need a response from the international level of DiEM25 or from its members, write to info@nulldiem25.org. Alternatively, members have the possibility of writing directly to the Coordinating Collective in the Members Area.

Journalists should check the Press Room.

Last Updated On October 05, 2017