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Who can join the Coordinating Collective (CC)?

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The Coordinating Collective (CC) coordinates events, assemblies and campaigns that have been proposed by advisors, members, DSCs or the Validating Council, it organises internal policy work and prepares internal votes, it acts quickly in response to events and it manages DiEM25’s public appearance.

Of its 12 members (see current members), half are replaced by transnational election every year. Any DiEM25 member can stand in the election, without the need to be nominated or collect endorsements. The only requirements for candidates are:

  • The language in which CC meets, discusses and deliberates is English. Full fluency in English is, therefore, indispensable.
  • CC members work hard and, due to DiEM25’s present financial situation, for no monetary reward (see budget) – candidates need to be prepared to dedicate a minimum of four hours per day to DiEM25-related work, mainly hands-on organising.
  • CC members participate in at least one tele-conference per week and must often travel to events on behalf of DiEM25 or to physical CC meetings. Travel is reimbursed.
  • CC members can belong to political parties but not hold elected office, e.g. being Member of Parliament, local government mayor/councillor, member of a political party’s executive or central committee, etc.
  • The cut-off point to qualify as a candidate is 2 months before the start of the voting. Any members who joined later must wait for another round of elections.

The application form to be a candidate is made available in DiEM25’s Members Area every June, with the vote running from August 1 to August 25.

Last Updated On September 11, 2017