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Who can join the Validating Council (VC)?

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The Validating Council (VC) consists of 100 DiEM25 members selected at random from a pool of self-nominated candidates. Half of the VC are replaced every three month, so that each VC member serves for 6 months. To learn more about DiEM25’s Validating Council (VC), please visit the movement’s Organising Principles.

The requirements to join the Validating Council are as follows:

  • You are a DiEM25 member and have verified your identity.
  • You promise to uphold DiEM25’s manifesto. You condemn anti-immigrant, racist and homophobic positions. Your goal is to build a democratic EU, not to disband it.
  • You promise to regularly read DiEM25’s news and stay informed of what is going on in the movement.
  • You are able to understand discussions in English. (Most of the VC discussions will be in English)
  • You normally check your email every day and are able to react quickly, also from a mobile device when traveling. (The purpose of the VC is to react faster than all-member votes could.)

Being a member of the Validating Council is a volunteer position and not remunerated.

To nominate yourself and be eligible for the next VC drawing, fill out this form.

Last Updated On September 11, 2017