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Who runs DiEM25?

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DiEM25 employs a mixture of horizontal and vertical structures.

When it comes to making political decisions, taking stances or preparing policy, DiEM25 employs transnational, all-member votes. In cases where a stance has to be found very quickly, or for movement-internal issues, the vote can be taken by the Validating Council (VC), which consists of 100 members drawn at random.

When it comes to organising, DiEM25 relies on hundreds of local groups, as well as dedicated volunteer teams (translators, graphic artists, video editors, etc.). Their work is coordinated and empowered by the Coordinating Collective (CC), who also represents DiEM25 externally, in the media and in conversations with allies. Finally, a number of high-profile individuals function as DiEM25’s Advisory Panel (AP).

For more details, please read DiEM25’s Organising Principles.

Last Updated On September 11, 2017