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Anybody in Mexico?

01 Apr 2016 17:36


Are there any members in Mexico? It would be great to get together and start working to spread the word.

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Re: Anybody in Mexico?

04 Mar 2018 21:53

Hi. My name René Nájera and im from Zamora Michoacan. it would be fine to create a DSC Thematic. Talk about what topic it would be, something in common or i dont know , to find a way on how related the DSC thematic whit the manifesto, Mexico and the UE. I Few weeks for example I read in the magazine Proceso about a protest against the fracking, the privatizarion of water and about the law finetech-. This year is crucial becasue there will be elections. What part of Mexico are you from? . And find others that seriously want to debate , try to find solutions or what can we do?

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