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Please click on the country in which you live. If you see a list of provinces afterwards, please also click on your province. Then you will be in a space especially for members from your area. Quite likely it is empty at this point. Don't be discouraged - just write a post with a title like "Hello from Berlin" or "Founding a club in London". Other members will find you and start to respond.

When writing a post, make sure that "Notify me when a reply is posted" is activated, so that you get an email when someone replies. We also recommend clicking the "Subscribe" button at the top right of a country forum so that you get emails whenever someone from your country writes a post there. Who knows, he/she might be interested in organising a DiEM25 event near you! For legal reasons, DiEM25 cannot give out the email addresses of members, so this is the only way that members can find & message each other.

Do you live in a border region? Maybe check out the forum for the other country as well, to see if there are any events that are close enough to you.

Have fun networking and spreading DiEM25!
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Volunteer Guidelines - Different Languages

07 Apr 2016 07:26

Here you can find DiEM25's guidelines for volunteers in different languages:

English: http://diem25.org/volunteer-guidelines/
Dansk: http://diem25.org/retningslinjer-for-diem25-frivillige/
Deutsch: http://diem25.org/richtlinien-fur-diem25-freiwillige/
Italiano: http://diem25.org/linee-guida-volontari-diem25/
Nederlands: http://diem25.org/richtlijnen-voor-vrij ... an-diem25/
Portuguese: http://diem25.org/orientacoes-para-voluntarios/

Have fun networking and spreading DiEM25!
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