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Re: Članovi Hrvatska

20 Dec 2016 13:09

Pozdrav iz Rijeke! Poslala sam zahtjev u grupu na fejsu...
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Re: Članovi Hrvatska

05 Jan 2017 09:44

Pozdrav iz Velike Gorice, također sam se učlanio u grupu.
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Re: Članovi Hrvatska

17 Mar 2017 23:39

Marija i Stanka jeste li upale u neku organiziranu ćeliju? Ako niste da se nađemo na kavi nekad?
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Re: Članovi Hrvatska

24 Mar 2017 18:06

Oprostite Margarita i iommi što se nisam prije javila. Forum nekako nije zaživio pa sam se dugo nisam logirala u njega.
Dođite u facebook grupu DiEM25 Croatia/ Hrvatska. Tamo se sve dogovaramo, za sastanke i kave. :)

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Re: Članovi Hrvatska

08 Jun 2017 22:49

Ivanakis wrote:
Hello from Belgrade!

Local group of members formed on the Forum/Meet local members/Elsewhere/Greetings from Serbia, also opened a Facebook group (due to easier access and faster communication than on the Forum) and a page Diem25 Serbia https://www.facebook.com/Diem25-Serbia- ... 0/?fref=ts
First meeting was held on April 10th, with 2 present members.
Second meeting was held on 25th of May, with 5 local members present. 2007, subject English first proposed the concept of "discipline" in the field of english English training. In ten years, Reith adhere to let every child in the in (in novate innovation) feel, in the in (in terest in) experience, in the in (inspire excitation) in growth. In Reith classroom, children with English learning math, Chinese and science, using American textbooks, directly synchronized to Native American teaching.
Reith's teaching way is more and more parents, gradually expand the scale of development, currently has more than 200 campuses nationwide about 100000 students.
In ten years, with the rise Chinese education industry has witnessed the growth of the development and reform of ten years.
It is understood that the subject English is practical subject English teaching includes training discipline thinking, also includes creative thinking training. If the subject is in English learning the knowledge of different subjects in English, so the subject thinking is that all subjects are more representative of the way of thinking out, through teaching, as a tool to analyze, interpret, to reconstruct the knowledge, so as to form their own knowledge and ways of thinking.
Following the Diem25 Volunteer Guidelines, and aiming to form DSC Serbia, on the last meeting, we come to some goals and priorities :

- In order to "spread the word" and make the idea of Diem25 more available to potential members/supporters, we need to translate articles to Serbian . Manifesto and Volunteer Guidelines are priorities. In translating materials we see an opportunity for regional DSCs to connect on mutual project of translating and exchanging the materials on languages of ex YU republics, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro and Serbia, since we all, basically, speak the same language.
- We also agreed to support (after consulting at least 5 members) any initiatives and/or events that are on the line with Diem25 ideas.
- We will support rights for minorities.
- We made t-shirts with Diem25 logo for our meeting and afterwords appeared at the protest organized by the initiative Ne davimo Beograd, held in Belgrade on 11th and 25th of May.
A month ago, in the elections night, 30 masked men demolished the part of town in which "Belgrade on water" project (with a shady contract) should have been built. They illegally torn down houses, evicted people, destroyed households – all while the police kept silent. A silence they refuse to break. The initiative Ne davimo Beograd (Don't drown Belgrade) is demanding answers, demanding responsibility and resignations of city officials. All this combined with corrupted, brutal and arrogant government and latest events in Belgrade, brought out, to the streets, more than 10.000 people. And there will be more in days and protests to come.
The people power rising at this moment is consisted of citizens that do not trust politicians anymore, who wouldn't go out and protest on call from any political party from (so called) opposition. This opened space, of almost 50% of the voters who didn't go out to the elections, is a space for "people power", mostly tending to left wing ideas (just) because they don't trust the well known politicians and parties any more. Left in Serbia is not existing, there are several (small) movements which are not willing or able to unite due to trivial differences such as who is more of anarchist or Marxist. The key word for a new potential (left wing) political party is that people forming it didn't previously participate in political life of the country. Who ever entered the system, become "the same as others" and it has been repeating here since the year 2000. and era of "democracy" in Serbia.
Therefore, we support protests organized by the initiative Ne davimo Beograd.
Because of all this, we feel the very strong need to activate Diem25 here and to have more promotions and activities.
We are aware that Serbia, not being EU member, isn't in the focus of Diem25 activities, but there are many similarities with being a member and doing preparations for integration. Basically, Serbia is forced to apply and implement most of the EU laws (and loans) before even entering the Union. Also, we can very much relate to refugee crisis as well as with economy crisis and loosing the dignity of workers and citizens. Compared with Greece and fear of one part of population of loosing their savings, "working class" in Serbia doesn't have to fear that - they lost/spent all the savings during the 90-es. Working class is living on small salaries and bank loans. MMF already owns Serbia and banks own its citizens.

Greetings from Diem25 Serbia!

Let light in!

is there any meeting this year??
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Re: Članovi Hrvatska

09 Jun 2017 06:07

Do you mean in Belgrade or in Zagreb?
DSC Belgrade1 has meetings every week.
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Re: Članovi Hrvatska

18 Jan 2018 07:54

Halo svima zainteresovanima za ovaj pokret DiEM25 koji bi se trudio da napravimo bolju Evropu. Moj pogled je ne samo evropa nego cijeli svijet i jednoga dana bez nacionalizma i granica kad smanjimo nekako egoizam u nama. Pozdrav svima iz Beča!
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Re: Članovi Hrvatska

24 Jan 2018 23:31

Ima li koga tko je pratnja DiEM 25 u Beču? Rado bi da popričamo i razmenimo iskustva.