NC Portugal

NC Portugal

DiEM25 Portugal has 11 elected members working on the strengthening of the movement in Portugal - coordinating campaigns, debates, social media and events, as well as establishing contacts between members, volunteers and DSCs. We invite you to get to know us by reading our presentations and bios and to get in touch in case you have any ideas/questions or suggestions to the email All members of the National Collective have access to this email but if your email is directed so one person/area specifically you can write it in the subject email. If your contact regards DSCs or membership activation you may also write us to Carpe DiEM!

Marta de Sousa e Silva

Membership activation, DCSs (local groups) & cooperation with movements

Lawyer and recruiter at Amnesty International - from Cascais

Grateful for the opportunity to be in touch with members and with associative movements and organisations, especially at a time when civil society feels so alien to the political process.

Marko Mitic

Events and campaigns

Anthropologist, translator and collaborator in art projects as a freelancer - from Lisbon

I believe in grassroots democracy, achieved through the empowerment of individuals and groups

Raquel Nunes

Creativity and campaigns

With an artistic background, I’m a sound director and teacher - from Oeiras

I have 3 daughters and, serving as an example to them with this volunteering, I want to extend to them the concept of “WE”: from the family to the inhabitants of the Earth (and some great ambitions are worth it). With dialogue, imagination and without fear of trying, I want to creatively help the movement to grow.

Gonçalo Portela

Contact with partners in Portugal; GNDE contact point within Portugal with scientists and academics

Environmental Engineer - from Parede

I want to participate actively in a movement at European level that corresponds to the destruction of austerity policies and the end of impunity of banks and institutions responsible for the economic crisis. DiEM25 meets these expectations.

Patricia Sousa

Events and campaigns

Nurse and teacher – from Porto

I saw in first line the devastating effect of austerity during the crisis times, the prevalence of financial interests over human value. I did not hesitate to join and contribute to DiEM25 when I first heard of it namely due to its aims of unite for the values of solidarity, humanism, transparency, ecology, the fight against established powers and, very importantly, focusing on grassroots democracy.

Gianna Merki

Contact between the CC - NC and general support

Collaborating with NGOs, translator, proofreader, conflict mediator- from Lisbon

Creating bridges, dialogue and grassroots democracy are my motivation to join DiEM25 and to keep on putting most of energy in this project daily.

Ana Paiva

Contact with civil society

Communication and international relations professional - from Porto

I have a particular interest in areas related to education, migration, gender equality and organic food.

Diogo Medroa

Volunteer Coordinator and Portuguese GNDE coordinator of the GNDE (Green New Deal Europe)

Medical and biomedical science student and activist from Marinha Grande

I am Portuguese, but at the same time European, in my opinion one does not exist without the other. I have had the opportunity to see and live throughout Europe and there are few systemic problems that we face that can be solved with a purely national approach. As a habitable planet we only have one, I have a great attachment to this Earth that we have, but which we have destroyed in the name of excessive greed and capitalist short-sightedness!

Cláudia Maria Borges

Communication & Diversity

Journalist. Specialist in public relations and communication - from Lisbon

I believe in the power of a stronger and unified Europe, where every single human being is equal and has the same rights. It's our social responsibility to contribute to a positive change in Europe, a solid, plural and cultured Europe. I want to be part of it and add my contribution in DiEM25!

Bernardo Vicente

Social media support

Accounting and administration student - from Lisbon

In this fragile situation in which Europe and its institutions find themselves, all help is welcome. I joined in for that, wishing to contribute in some way. More democracy and transparency are needed for a prosperous future in Europe.

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