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Honouring Oxi Day and recognising the struggle that continues today


Our battle against fascism today must also be a constant battle against the toxic policies that feed it, reproduce it and maintain it.

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Greece spyware scandal: When technology outpaces governance


The scandal proves why regulations must keep up with technological developments

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Mitsotakis continues to tiptoe around spying scandal


The Greek prime minister claims he had no knowledge of the wiretapping of opposition leader Nikos Androulakis and journalists

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DiEM25 and MeRA25 in Greece condemn the Greek government’s abandonment of refugees in Evros


Forty refugees are stranded without access to food or water and a five-year old has died in Evros, Greece.

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Erik Edman: Greek coast guard approached migrants in war mode


DiEM25's Political Director spent 2021 doing his military service in Greece. This is his account of Greece's involvement in illegal pushbacks

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Civil liberties in Greece are reserved for the elites



The Greek government's handling of Yiannis Michailidis' case demonstrates its double standards on human rights

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Greek actors demand justice after child rapist theatre director is released


Dimitris Lignadis was sentenced to 12 years in prison for raping two minors, before inexplicably being freed, causing outrage across Greece

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Varoufakis presses Mitsotakis over illegal pushbacks


Forensic Architecture's investigation published on Friday reveals in shocking detail the crime of illegal pushbacks by the Greek government

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Greek referendum anniversary: The battle goes on


To understand what we are facing in 2022 in the European Union, we need to understand what happened in Greece in 2015

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