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Austerity is stupid: here's why the powerful don’t like to admit it


The International Monetary Fund [IMF] now publicly condemns austerity policies but little has been done to turn away from them.

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The calamity of austerity in Greece


During the crisis twenty-five percent of the Greek economy vanished for good.

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DiEM25 to become political contender in Greece


Join us as we continue to make history on March 26 when we'll launch MeRA25, DiEM25's electoral wing in Greece.

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Help us establish a DiEM25 political party in Greece


Support us to offer an alternative path for the Eurocrisis’ front-line country.

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Greece and reforms: more déja-vu


The Greek economy is shrinking and is bound to extremely high primary surpluses and billions of debt to be repaid in the next years and decades.

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Our ‘Greek New Deal’ presented in Patra – Greece’s third-largest city


"Parties who are not willing to disobey the troika, cannot make any promises to the people and keep them."

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New Deal For Greece

Announcing our New Deal for Greece – in English


Here is the English version of DiEM25's New Deal For Greece, our response to TINA and the Eurogroup's extend and pretend policies.

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Greece’s opposition party shamelessly attacks us — here's our response


As DiEM25 erupts onto Greece's political scene, the country's leading opposition party wasted no time in attacking us.

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