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The IMF confesses it immolated Greece on behalf of the Eurogroup


Yanis Varoufakis calls for resignations at the IMF, ECB and Commission, an apology to the people of Greece, immediate debt relief and the end of ...

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Grexit - image by Tim Reckmann, licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA

Who was planning a coup?


In Athens, the opposition is currently trying to suck political honey out of a story that is actually already old hat...

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James K. Galbraith

Galbraith on Plan X: My friend, the finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, carried out his responsibilities with distinction


Their venom against OXI and Varoufakis is proof that the memory of the Athens Spring still haunts them.

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One Year Since the 'OXI' Referendum, One Year Since DiEM25 Was Conceived


Today DiEM25 marks the anniversary of the brave Greeks’ OXI (No!) referendum vote but also of its own beginnings.

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Britain needs DiEM25; and DiEM25 needs Britain

One year since the troika imposed capital controls on Greece


One year since the troika imposed capital controls on Greece, the struggle of the Greek people has become the struggle to save Europe.

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