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Coronavirus, Great Fear and our response?


Our contemporary global anxiety lies not so much in the fear of a virus, but in the fear of a future without health-care and functioning states. ...

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Celebrating DiEM25's fourth anniversary in Rome


On the fourth birthday of DiEM25, the Roman local DiEM25 groups and the Italian National Collective organised the event ...

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DiEM25 Italia: Salvini's threats must be countered!


Salvini's perfidious calculation: He provokes a government crisis in plain summer and could not be blamed for the chaos the adoption of Italy's ...

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We the people...

A proposal for a European Constituent Assembly


DiEM25 Italy proposes how our movement could campaign to bring about a democratic constitution to replace all European Treaties.

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Can DiEM25 become the first transnational party?

Can DiEM25 become the first transnational party?


An interview with DiEM25's CC member Lorenzo Marsili about what our 'electoral wing' actually means, and the movement’s roadmap for transforming ...

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DiEM25 Italian Tour

Our Italy tour kicks off!


Starting tomorrow, our very own Yanis Varoufakis and Lorenzo Marsili will be touring Italy. Their mission? To meet activists and political ...

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Italian Constitutional Referendum 2016

Why should Italy vote 'No' in tomorrow's referendum


On DiEM25's position ahead of tomorrow's constitutional referendum in Italy.

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Deliverance Project

An extensive call to all riders of Europe


A message from the Deliverance Project's riders in Turin, Italy.

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Lorenzo Marsili vs Marion Le Pen

DiEM25 vs Front National


DiEM25’s Lorenzo Marsili takes on Front National’s Marion Le Pen on Italian TV.

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