DiEM Voice Project

The DiEMVoice Project is a public engagement project, enabling interaction between creatives, policy makers and the citizens of Europe and beyond.


Voice as a creative platform

Voice encompasses a number of meanings ranging from the sound one makes by using their phonetic system, to the expression of one’s opinion. This multimodal indeed meaning and quality is what we wish this network-platform-rhizome to have on entering into a reciprocal dialogue with the political.


Make noise, create voice

Aim is to actively contribute to the policy making of DiEM25. We want to make noise, and to be heard. We want to generate a voice using creative means and engage in conversation with the political. This approach and exchange is reflected in our logo, a voice-wave consisting of smaller parts (the events and contributions), which form connections and expand throughout Europe: A highly dynamic, and context-sensitive system which comes together to become the word ‘Voice’.


DiEM Voice methodology

Phase One: Find the Questions

‘We are democrats because we don’t have the answer, but if we get together and discuss we may find answers: Start cooking and find the recipe later’ said Brian Eno in the DiEM25 launching event in Berlin, 2016.

Collaboratively and collectively we are trying to find an answer to our questions. But which are the Questions? And what are citizens thinking?

The DiEM Voice Project reaches out to participants during the DiEM25 events and asks them what they are thinking in relation to the topics discussed, and which are the questions we should be asking at this point.

Phase Two: Enable open creative production

The responses are passed onto artists/creatives who wish to respond to them. In this way the resulting artworks/creative outputs (videos, installations, sound pieces, actions, illustrations etc.) enable a renewed exchange both in content and in form between the thinking/questioning of the audience, the creatives, and a new audience that will be exposed to these artworks.

This methodology therefore enables this exchange of thinking and doing, and has an impact in turn on the policy-related outcomes of DiEM25.

Do you want to take part? (hyperlink to call)

Phase Three: Disseminate the art work through our events (hyperlink to events)

Phase Four: Enable access to the works produced and to the audience responses via an online archive (hyperlink to archive)

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