The new Austrian government shows the way… backwards!

Aris Telonis
19/12/2017, Member-contributed
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The far-right is on the rise. The most recent win was scored in Austria: the country is now in the grip of a government coalition ready to implement its right-wing policies on immigration, including extreme vetting and making it impossible for asylum seekers to feel safe. This is the first time that Europe openly confronts the immigration problem head on. If it succeeds, the Austrian experiment will quickly spread like wildfire across Europe as well as over the Atlantic. In this context, far-right leaders are uniting, and preparing themselves for this future.

We need to take action. Alongside the people who protested in Vienna, we need to make our voices heard. We want an open Europe; not closing its borders to people in need; not pseudo-debating on immigration policies while refugees live under inhumane conditions. We don’t want the far-right to gain momentum, particularly not in the political vacuum left for lack of a strong Germany. At DiEM25, we want to mobilize people and fight for a progressive Europe. Join us and help us change Europe!


Aris is a member and volunteer of the DiEM25 movement.


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