Thematic DSCs

Thematic DSCs

Thematic DSCs are founded around particular policy themes or issues and they usually meet online. Thematic DSCs produce proposals around their theme (usually the intersection of two Progressive Agenda pillars) but do NOT author DiEM25’s policies on that theme, nor can they represent DiEM25 on that theme outside the movement. As there are many thematic DSCs on the same theme, their views and policy recommendations can and will clash. Apart from contributing to DiEM25’s internal policy creation process, Thematic DSCs also engage in educational work, such as running workshops for DiEM25 members on policy topics and creating materials to better explain DiEM25’s policies to the outside world.

Note: it is not necessary to be a member of a Thematic DSC, or any DSC, in order to contribute to DiEM25’s policy papers. According to the Progressive Agenda Process, ALL members, whether organised in groups or not, are requested to contribute their ideas or requested to talk to affected people on the ground and bring back policy ideas. Thematic DSCs are merely formalised groups for doing so.

Topic: A European New Deal for European residents, for migrants & for refugees
DSC Subtopic Info URL Email
European New Deal 1 DSC Big Tech Regulation Facebook page
European New Deal 2 DSC END in Eastern Europe Facebook group
European New Deal 3 DSC Refugees and Migration
Topic: Democracy-in-action: Democratic practices in DiEM25 & in Europe (in the context of a future European Democratic Constitution)
DSC Subtopic Info Email
Democracy-in-Action 1 DSC
Democracy-in-Action 2 DSC
Democracy-in-Action 3 DSC Deliberative democracy
Topic: Green Transition (Energy, Industry, Transport & Agriculture)
DSC Subtopic Info Email
Green Transition 1 DSC
Topic: Gender and sexuality
DSC Subtopic Info Email
Gender 1 DSC Gender Equity Facebook group


Other topics ( approved by Validating Council)
DSC Subtopic Info URL Email
Peace and International Policy 1 Global Solidarity, Self-Determination and Demilitarisation
Our Brexit 1 DSC  Democratizing process
Education1DSC Education in Europe
Technological Sovereignty  1 DSC Democratising Technology and Innovation twitter
Culture and Education1DSC Link between culture & education
Take Back Control1DSC Citizen rights – post-Brexit democracy
Democratic Socio-Technical systems Social-technical platforms

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