openDemocracy and DiEM25:
“Vote In
Another Europe is Possible“

May 28

The Agenda

We are clear about which result would offer the best prospects for progressive change in Britain.
Being in the EU gives us vital protections for workers’ rights, the environment, freedom of movement and human rights.
Being part of a European project makes us part of a shared political space – linking us to citizens and movements
all over the continent, and giving us the potential to challenge the corporations and financial institutions that long ago fled national borders.
The context of the referendum makes our choice on 23 June even clearer.
It is the product of a campaign, led by the worst elements of the British right, to turn politics into a competition of migrant-bashing. We reject those terms of debate, and we are fighting to remain in the EU on an explicitly radical and progressive basis – for fewer borders, not more.
But this event is about more than that. Today is the beginning of a bigger project.
It won’t just be about hearing from an exciting range of speakers – it will also be an opportunity for everyone to discuss, contribute and get involved in a practical campaign to win the referendum.
And it will also be the launchpad for a much wider movement, whose aim is to transform the structures and societies of Europe as a whole.
Only by working together across Europe, linking together with left and progressive forces under a united set of aims and demands, can we hope to liberate ourselves from exploitation, authoritarianism and social crisis.
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Event Booklet

Welcome and thank you for attending this landmark event,
hosted by Another Europe is Possible, openDemocracy
and DiEM25. On 23 June 2016, Britain faces a choice that
will define our politics, our society and our relationship
with the world for decades to come.

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The Videos

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The Photogallery

Event photos

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Opening rally 11–12.15 Logan Hall

Yanis Varoufakis, DiEM25
Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP
Owen Jones, author and activist
Clive Lewis, shadow climate secretary
Anthony Barnett, openDemocracy
Sirio Canós Donnay, Podemos
Neal Lawson, Compass

Participatory discussion 12.15–12.45 Logan Hall

A chance for attendees to hold group
discussions and feed in their thoughts
and ideas.

Breakout sessions 13.15–14.30

There are five parallel sessions in
various rooms – see the next page
for details.

Practical organising 15.00–16.00

An interactive session with skill-sharing
and practical planning. You’ll be put into
a group randomly chosen by the sticker
colour on the front of this booklet.

Closing rally 16.15–17.00 Logan Hall

John McDonnell, shadow chancellor
Zoe Gardner, migrants’ rights activist
Matt Wrack, FBU general secretary
Caroline Hill, Young Labour chair

Take action! 17.00

Join us after the event for a mass
leafleting of Euston station – just follow
the crowd and you’ll get there. (It’s
around 5-10 mins walk.)


Logan Hall, Jeffrey Hal

Logan Hall, Jeffrey Hall, Elvin Hall and the Drama Studio are
all on Level 1 (the bottom floor) of the Institute of Education

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