Global warming will not spare Denmark

The Danish government’s neoliberal approach to global warming is part of the problem.

Why are they saying no to the eurobond? The case for constructive disobedience in the EU Council

“Without the eurobond, this European Union — or at least the Eurozone — has no future.”

The virus didn’t ruin us – our economics did

Economists are ‘at war with COVID-19’, but they predicted the recession.

Does the EU have the courage to govern the future?

The European Union will unite or perish. DiEM25’s 3-point plan offers the only way towards unification.

Portugal’s policy: the needed solidarity for migrants

We call on the governments of other countries to follow Portugal’s lead and grant migrants social services and healthcare.

Euroleaks: Banal discussions, devastating consequences

The Eurogroup response is as ineffective in addressing the current crisis as it has been in addressing the previous one.

DiEM25 presents 3-point plan for dealing with COVID-19 depression

Here’s our 3-point plan to protect all European residents, avert an economic depression, and prevent the collapse of the Union.

The catastrophic consequences of privatisation in France

Increasing privatisation of public infrastructure and services has rendered France’s hospitals vulnerable to COVID-19.

COVID-19 is here: where is European solidarity?

We cannot flee from the coronavirus — instead, it calls us to stay put and reevaluate our priorities as a society.

Being in contact in a contactless new world

There will be a new normal. Since we are all at home, we can start imagining the new world.

Last night Julian Assange called me. Here is what we talked about.

“Everything is now possible” says Julian Assange from prison.

DiEM25 demands immediate release of Julian Assange!

On Wednesday, 25th of March, Julian Assange’s lawyers will make a bail application at Westminster Magistrates Court.

Can the pandemic trigger our social reflexes?

Social distancing should only be physical; this crisis offers a unique opportunity to increase our social bonding and cooperation in safe ways.

DiEM25 launches online TV series: the World After Coronavirus

Don’t wait for someone to ask you what you have been doing in 2020, join us by seizing this historic moment!

How deep will the depression occasioned by Covid-19 be?

Stephanie Flanders, Yanis Varoufakis, Veronique de Rugy and Alistair Darling debate the economic impact of COVID-19 on the BBC World Service: ‘Coronavirus: The economic crisis – Just how bad will the downturn be and can anything be done to soften the blow?’.

How people’s assemblies could give peace a chance

Where women have seized the opportunity to lead, they have accomplished incredible feats on behalf of themselves and their communities. By combining women’s grassroots action and international solidarity, we can amplify their voices. In this way, we intend to bring more diverse voices to the forefront, so that we can eventually push them into those spaces where decisions are taken.

#Euroleaks: the twin tragedies of austerity and the refugee crisis

There is a deep connection between the tragedy of the rejection of migrants, the enforcement of austerity, and the memorandum that 62% of the Greek citizens had refused in July 2015. That event had a devastating effect on the European Unconscious: people internalised the impotence of democracy when facing financial power, and the humiliation of Greek democracy fed the desire of revenge against democracy itself.

Women on the frontline against COVID-19 pandemic

The most asked question in France, after the shutdown of schools, was: since women constitute 70% of hospital staff, who is going to take care of the children? This year, in honour of International Women’s Day, DIEM25–together with human rights associations, women’s associations and numerous citizen–endeavoured to draw the attention of public authorities and the public to the daily violence against women in a country that claims to be modern and sophisticated.

The Eurogroup fails Europe once again. Brace for a hideous EU recession

Once again, the Eurogroup proved itself to be, not just dysfunctional, but a clear and present danger for Europeans.

How austerity is threatening public health

As a result of austerity measures, a major crisis is now unfolding across Europe as the lack of beds, equipment and staff has forced doctors and nurses to start making impossible decisions about who to save. 

COVID-19: You’re not alone. We’re in this together.

The COVID-19 global crisis is accelerating, and it looks like things may get worse before they get better. And while we hope that you are able take care of yourself and your loved ones during these trying times, know this: You’re not alone, we’re in this together.

Yanis Varoufakis on the economic and political impact of the coronavirus

Yanis Varoufakis, DiEM25 co-founder and MeRA25 MP, on the economic and political impact of the coronavirus.

#Euroleaks: the full 2015 Eurogroup recordings now public!

Leaked by DiEM25 – full audio and transcripts available at

The fight against pandemics can only be won with free, universal, public health care

When everybody is in danger, nobody is safe: this is the first lesson the Coronavirus pandemic has taught us, or better, reminded us of: that health is more than anything else, a common good. DiEM25 is calling not only for serious reflection on the crisis of global capitalism, but also for resolute action in protecting or enabling public and universal healthcare as a crucial part of democracy and equality — and as an indispensable response to global pandemics. 

“A new breath for Mons”: Municipalism in action in Lille!

Brice Montagne interviews Nicolas Dessaux on the “New breath for Mons” movement and what it means for municipalism. The project, which offers the inhabitants of Mons-en-Barœul an alternative on the left, has created a coalition with local ecological collectives such as zero waste, as well as elected officials with an ecological sensitivity.

Coronavirus, Great Fear and our response?

Our contemporary global anxiety lies not so much in the fear of a virus, but in the fear of a future without health-care and functioning states. The pasta shelves are empty, but this is a great chance to pause for a moment – even in quarantine if necessary – and reflect on the fact that it’s not coronavirus that is killing the planet. It’s global capitalism.

Our Green New Deal for Europe Tour around Belgium and France

A great initiative to mobilise citizens for our powerful social and ecological programme for Europe. At DiEM25, we know that power has to be built from the bottom up. The task is all the more difficult if one wants, as we do, to build a pan-European transnational movement to democratise the European Union. But as 

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Why women are advocating for a Green New Deal for Europe

Women that are a part of the DiEM25 movement support the Green New Deal for Europe for a variety of reasons. Read their statements on International Women’s Day to find out how they propose to re-envision the European project in the midst of the climate crisis.

Why environmental breakdown is a gendered issue

The effects of environmental breakdown have a gendered dimension – a holistic transformation of the economy is needed to address it. The Green New Deal for Europe (GNDE) is calling for a transnational, intersectional and intergenerational approach to the climate crisis.

The. Full. Secret. Eurogroup. Recordings.

DiEM25’s #EuroLeaks will take YOU inside the secretive Eurogroup where far-reaching decisions in Europe are made.

Internationalism against reactionary violence

Enforcing internationalism through fighting for common progress is the best defence against reactionary violence.

Greece: the perfect laboratory for the EU’s most inhumane policies

Ten years of European propaganda, portraying Greece as the continent’s prodigal son – a corrupt, inefficient, lazy relative that needs to be assisted, but also be purified through suffering for its sins – have created the perfect laboratory for the EU’s most inhumane policies.

Turkey’s blackmail, EU “solidarity” and Greece in emergency: refugees and migrants are not “human after all”

MeRA25’s position is that the EU-Turkey agreement is not the solution to the problem but rather it is the problem itself since it violates international legitimacy and is morally unacceptable. At the same time, in line with its pacifist policies, it calls for the cease of warfare and all kinds of hostilities in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean, which are the real causes of the refugee and migrants’ tragedy.  

Brutal treatment of refugees and migrants on Greek-Turkish border

Amidst police brutality during protests in Chios and Lesvos and the ‘preventative censorship’ of the public TV station, the Greek government is now calling for ‘dialogue’.

The insidious return of xenophobia in Greece

DiEM25 and MeRA25 will not allow the Greek government to legitimise the Golden Dawn – Greek Solution racist narrative.

Watch Yanis Varoufakis’ powerful speech at #FreeAssange event in London [video]

We are here so that unarmed truth has the final word.

DiEM25 strongly condemns the normalisation of right-wing extremism in Germany

Our condolences are with the victims and their families. We stand by you.

Celebrating DiEM25’s fourth anniversary in Rome

On the fourth birthday of DiEM25, the Roman local DiEM25 groups and the Italian National Collective organised the event “Manifestiamo”, held in Rome on February 9, at the Villetta Garbatella Social Club. The event was an opportunity to present the Progressive Manifesto for Italy, a work in progress and a first step toward building DiEM25’s 

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Former Merkel advisor and top EU official to “Adults in the Room” movie director: “Don’t Make That Film!”

There is a reason why people like Mr. Regling are terrified of the eyes and ears of citizens: public scrutiny.

Noam Chomsky, Rosemary Bechler, Laurent de Sutter and Brian Eno become advisers to DiEM25

Meet the the latest group of influential personalities to join our Advisory Panel.

DiEM25 demands: no extradition of Julian Assange to the United States

Don’t Extradite Assange Protest March, London, Saturday February 22

#Euroleaks: Why release? And why now?

Watch this space: and for the release of the unedited recordings around March 10, 2020.

DiEM25 blows the whistle on the European Establishment

DiEM25 and MeRA25 refuse to submit to the Establishment’s suffocation of the truth.

The crisis of centrist politics

We need a democratic project that revitalises our democracy and works for the necessary changes in parliaments, on our streets and in our living rooms.

Police violence on the rise in France

Police violence is on the rise in France. We, at DiEM25, invite all Europeans to stand up in solidarity with all citizens demonstrating for their rights.

A message from Brian Eno on Brexit day – and a reply

Want to become a big name in politics? Identify a problem, blame it on the EU, and then ride the Nationalist horse with all the help the media can (and inevitably will) give you.

A democratic EU is possible but we must do more than just imagine it

We must turn the EU into a place that nobody would ever want to leave.

My message to Britons on Brexit day

By leaving us, you are making us sadder, poorer and more prone to the errors that made so many of you vote for Brexit.

Refugees in Greece: the Greeks as ‘refugees’

The Greek radical Left has to demonstrate that both Greek subjects and refugees are victims of globalised capitalism.

DiEM25 says no to demonstrations of hate

DiEM25 stands against all far-right iterations in Greece and across the continent, and in solidarity with refugees and migrants.

Why pensions are a European issue, and why the strike also is (and what you can do to help)

The role of political organisations certainly isn’t to substitute for the workers or their trade unions. However, they may at any time help envisage economic and social struggles in a broader way, in time or space, to open perspectives. The present movement over pensions in France deserves some thinking. Europe In 2003 a movement over 

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Our radical proposal to democratise technology

The Tech Pillar we present today proposes a Europe which puts citizens before companies, sustainability before narrow profit and responsibility before technological feasibility.

The environmental crisis is global. The Green New Deal must also

The environmental crisis is global and a Green New Deal is needed. We cannot ignore the historical responsibility of Europe.

Sweden: A clear counter-example for pensions

While the general rate of redistribution of wealth in Sweden is relatively high, this country has had a real push on the question of pension reform using a point system, as Henri Sterdyniak, from French Observatory of Economic Conditions (OFCE) indicates. Indeed, years after this type of reform occurred, the situation there is quite catastrophic: 

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The European Union must stop mimicking Trump on Iran

The European Union must denounce Trump’s imperialist policies.

James Galbraith’s memoir of lifelong struggles to make economics a force for good

Mainstream economics has always functioned as the mathematised ideology of financialised capitalism. The few economists who fought from within the economics discipline on behalf of the many have led lonely, difficult lives. In this lecture, James K. Galbraith, a founding member of DiEM25 and a member of our Advisory Panel, narrates his personal journey and, in the process, lays down a research strategy for younger progressive economists. He also reveals to non-economist progressives the kind of theoretical weaponry that the establishment has at it disposal. A must read!

Reflections on 2019 — Yanis Varoufakis

Campaigning across Europe nearly broke me. But it also convinced me of the deep well of progressive energy waiting to be tapped.

Bolivia’s coup represents a threat to those fighting for democracy in the region

When military interventionism deposes the president elect of a nation, we forcefully decry the coup.

Message to our British and European comrades

When results are bad, the stakes are even higher. But so is the need for an even greater determination.

DiEM25 voted to support The Labour Party – now it’s time to show our support

DiEM25 members voted to campaign for a Labour-led government in the UK. Now it’s time to act to defeat the Tories.

The much-needed vision of a post-capitalist world

Greece falls back to a police state while Greeks show what Europe and the world needs: get over our fears and uncertainties and collectively work on our vision for a just society.

Activists gather to help define DiEM25’s strategy to take on the EU Establishment

Last weekend 300 activists from across Europe gathered in Prague to discuss their proposals for the future of the movement in a unique participatory process.

After a series of blunders, will Spain’s new coalition government turn a page?

The new PSOE-Podemos government has a chance to turn a page. But will they take it?

Should liberal capitalism be saved?

As philosopher Slavoj Žižek once said, it is a remarkable sign of our times that even the brightest minds would rather fathom the end of the world than plan for the demise of capitalism.

I visited Julian Assange in prison, what can you do?

Don’t wait, do whatever you can. And do it now.

Democracy under attack in Kashmir

As committed and principled democrats, DiEM25 stands in solidarity with the people of Indian Administered Kashmir.

Greek police storm Athens University and fire teargas at students

MeRA25 members are currently in police custody and held without charges.

Why the Spanish people must get out and vote

By Yanis Varoufakis, DiEM25 co-founder and Luis Martín, DiEM25 Political Coordinator.

Next Stop: Prague!

Our members have voted, and the selected proposals to be presented, discussed and amended in Prague are…

Srećko Horvat: If Europe loses Julian Assange, Europe will lose its soul [VIDEO]

Speech by Srećko Horvat, DiEM25 co-founder, at the Don’t Extradite Assange event in London, November 6, 2019.

DiEMers, you have until November 8 to make an important decision

DiEMers from every corner of Europe have produced over 30 proposals on how to best organise our movement in the years ahead.

Chile protests: resistance to a failed economic system

The moment that Chile lives today is a precious opportunity to change a system branded as the only alternative.

Interview: Yanis Varoufakis on Capitalism, Democracy and Europe

As harsh austerity and xenophobic nationalism fester in Europe, Yanis Varoufakis discusses his antidote with Tellus Senior Fellow Allen White.

Berlin’s new system of rent controls – a model for other major European cities?

Rent caps should only be the beginning.

Police brutality in Greece: student hit on the head by flash-bang grenade

MeRA25’s spokesperson condemned police brutality that the right-wing government is implementing to counter popular resistance.

MeRA25’s success is the only sign and hope of resistance to TINA [There is No Alternative]

SYRIZA’s fall from office is the result of its 5-year mutation from a leftist party into the implementing branch of TINA.

Biodiversity will not be saved with incremental progress

To protect the planet from ourselves, we have to confront capitalism.

Boris Johnson’s hard Brexit deal would be disastrous for our country and our continent

Parliament must reject this deal and let the people decide for themselves the future of the country.

DiEM25 stands with Extinction Rebellion

DiEM25 joins Extinction Rebellion in calling for civil disobedience – as a basic democratic right – against ecological destruction.

The brutal peak of the anti-Semitic iceberg

The European left has to firmly stand in solidarity with Jewish communities

Hungary: “The opposition is alive!”

DiEM25 Budapest congratulates the Hungarian opposition on its biggest election victory in a decade!

On the day of the general elections: the Left in Poland

The Green New Deal might sort the identity problem of the progressive forces

NO FRIENDS BUT THE MOUNTAINS – solidarity with Rojava

Hito Steyerl, Boris Buden and Srećko Horvat in solidarity action with Rojava.

Yanis Varoufakis: I just pulled out of a conference in Turkey in protest at the invasion of Northern Syria’s Kurdish region

TRT World’s enthusiastic support of the recent invasion of Northern Syria makes it impossible for me to attend.

Join the international day of action demanding the end of Turkey’s occupation of Rojava

We call on everyone to join the international day of action to stop the Turkish occupation, organised by the Rojava Solidarity Committee Europe, taking place on October 12.

Serbia: Then they came for our water and our homes

Serbia’s natural resources and homes are under the attack of private investors

New EU resolution: how anti-fascism and fascism became the same thing

An attempt to discredit the progressive Left

“Adults in the room” in the context of our crises

Yanis Varoufakis’ book and other volumes among the Guardian’s 100 best books of the 21st century highlight the crises we are facing.

Naomi Klein supports MeRA25 MPs on the day Greece’s Parliament ratifies oil and gas extraction deals

Naomi Klein: I stand with MeRA25 as the only party forcefully opposing this reckless legislation.

Also in Indonesia: rain forests are burning

Malaysian DiEMer Jacob Lim calls out for an International Green New Deal

How military industries poison our planet

The U.S. military is the single greatest institutional contributor to climate change. We must bring an overall reduction in military spending onto the political agenda.

Our European Way of Life should be about solidarity and shared prosperity – not racism and xenophobia

The pursuit of a Europe of solidarity, shared prosperity and peace for all: that should be “our European way of life”.

The Great Redefining

The epicentre of our crises could be the place to reinstate the Left to its proper place.

Neverending Six Days War – what can DiEM25 do?

Let’s make the historic UN “paper victories“ count today!

The Green New Deal for Europe paves the way for global justice

Any solution worth its salt should take into account that the climate crisis is born out of capitalism.

Join the Rebellion Week in October!

DiEM25’s National Collective in Germany (NC) calls on all DiEMers to join the Extinction Rebellion without Borders in October 2019, starting October 7 in the capitals of the world. Recent climate research shows that we have to revise almost everything about the speed and the severity of the climate catastrophe. The climate catastrophe is no 

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DiEM25 Romania – Not “All Quiet on the Eastern Front”

25,000 in Bucharest: DiEM25 and the Romanian diaspora organised a protest against reasons for mass emigration

DiEMers from Sicily oppose their government

DSC Augusta 1 speaks out against Special Economic Zones in Syracuse, Sicily.

The results are in: here’s who was elected to lead our movement

Our new CC: 8 women and 4 men. Congrats to all!

DiEM25 United Kingdom: “Most anti democratic action in living memory”

DiEM25 UK condemns the Prime Minister’s move as most anti democratic. The only solution: Peoples’ Assemblies.

More than prayer is required: the EU can put economic pressure on Brazil

The Mercosur-EU trade proposal not only perpetuates the classic model of impoverishment of Latin America, but also rewards the arsonists-in-chief.

DiEM25 petition: Suspend Free Trade with Brazil!

Europe must act without delay!

Yanis Varoufakis: “I Am Not Boris”

Lazy analogy: Leading Brexiteers and many Remainers have sought to portray Yanis Varoufakis as one of their own.

DiEMers from Sicily oppose Special Economic Zones

While holiday season is in full swing, the Sicilian government passed its proposal for Special Economic Zones in Syracuse. DSC Augusta 1 raises its voice.

We Are Millions

The Courage Foundation, supported by DiEM25, launched #WeAreMillions, a massive photo campaign for Julian Assange.

Fraud and Corruption in Slovenia

A defeated dragon is the symbol of Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana. But it seems it left a poisoned egg: EU’s Troika.

DiEM25 Italia: Salvini’s threats must be countered!

Salvini’s perfidious calculation: He provokes a government crisis in plain summer and could not be blamed for the chaos the adoption of Italy’s budget will unevitably bring about in September. Read more about DiEM25 Italy’s stance.

MeRA25: “We will deconstruct each and every of your toxic proposals!“

MeRA25’s first days in parliament – we vowed to give them a hard time!

“Boris Johnson is locked into a No Deal, Trump Deal Brexit” – Yanis Varoufakis on BBC Radio 4

Interview with MeRA25 MP and DiEM25 co-founder, Yanis Varoufakis, on BBC Radio 4 about Brexit and Boris Johnson.

What the Labour Party-DiEM25 collaboration is all about – speech (audio) by Yanis Varoufakis

On Sunday July 14, the Labour Party and DiEM25 leadership teams agreed to embark upon a common agenda for Europe and beyond.

Game of A – Bombs

Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty is another giant step backwards for global security.

Struggle, now!

Three students were brutally beaten by right-wing assailants in in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Against the fossil huggers!

Green is a symbol of hope — but it is also a source of great social wealth.

MeRA25 as the only ray of hope on the day the recalcitrant Greek Right returned to office

Greece’s Tories, the New Democracy party and its leader, Mr Kyriakos Mitsotakis, today are the victors in our general election. However, their victory that was set in motion on the night of the referendum (July 5, 2015) by Mr Tsipras, the outgoing Prime Minister.

The results are in – and we made it into the Greek Parliament!

The results are in! MeRA25, DiEM25’s political party in Greece, has got into Greece’s national parliament with at least nine MPs, according to the latest official vote count as of 23:40 CET.

DiEM25 Academy in Lisbon

From 6 – 10 June, DiEM25 hosted its first Academy in Lisbon, after previous sessions in Belgrade and Cologne.

Climate Strike Without Borders – Aachen, June 21

Join us tomorrow, June 21, in Aachen for the first international climate strike.

Trash trade

We need to talk about trash, specifically your trash problem. Your problem is our problem and our problem is your problem.

They shall not pass

Whilst politicians and masters of war massacre thousands overseas to protect commercial interests, our “well-educated” elite could not be bothered. But workers have shown true internationalist spirit and awareness by transcending local and national politics to defend lives in distant lands.

DSC Belgrade 1: We strongly protest the unlawful and inhumane incarceration of Julian Assange

Assange’s persecution is not his alone. It is all of ours.

Defend Assange – defend freedom of speech!

Join us on Wednesday, June 12 at 6PM on Đlato Đoke Vještice to fight for free speech. Unfreedom of one of us is unfreedom of all!

Germany is about to invest millions of euros to support fracking and the destruction of the planet

Join us on Friday, June 7, outside of the Bundesrat to protest this move.

Green New Deal gathers more than 1.4 million votes across Europe!

More than 1.4 million citizens backed our Green New Deal in the countries where we were contesting elections.

Today, DiEM25 has every reason to celebrate. Tomorrow we get down to work, again – message to our magnificent activists

We have planted a beautiful, radical idea in the minds of Europeans. Our task is now to help this seed of hope grow.

Who to trust more – Greens or DiEM25? – on climate?

In late April, DiEM25 founder Yanis Varoufakis participated in a debate with Sven Giegold, lead candidate of the German Greens. After two very close first rounds, Giegold used the third to attempt to nail his opponent on our Green New Deal. But Varoufakis had all the answers.

Pamela Anderson supports democracy in Europe – DiEM25

Together with Srećko Horvat, the Croatian philosopher in third place on the transnational list of democracy in Europe – DiEM25, Pamela Anderson presented her election poster last week in Berlin. Nationwide there will be about 1000 posters on which Pamela Anderson advertises for the Green New Deal.

The Green New Deal needs an anti-war message

The Green New Deal can only succeed as an internationalist campaign

Statement against the illegitimate redevelopment of the Praça Martim Moniz in Lisbon

In the evening of Tuesday November 20th of 2018, the Lisbon Municipal Council (CML) presented the redevelopment of Praça Martim Moniz, one of Lisbon’s central squares.

Save the Bees

The implementation of The Bee Guidance, an EU guideline to protect bees from the harmful effects of pesticides, has been on hold in member states..

Fortress Europe fails humanity

People have lost their lives trying to get into Europe for decades. In June 2018 the migrant body count was 34,361 and rising.

Climate rebellion now

Extinction Rebellion, one of the most visible and successful campaigns of the climate movement, has drawn much ire from the political establishment.

European transnational solidarity in action: Athens Labour Day 2019

DiEM25 members from 20 different countries joined their MeRA25 counterparts in Greece to send a loud message to the Greek and European Establishment.

We are all Julian Assange! – UPDATED

Join us on May 2 at 12:00 in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin for a public protest against Julian Assange’s extradition to the US!

On “rats” in Europe: We condemn any sort of anti-semitism!

The deepening crisis of Europe’s economies and societies instead of being located in Europe’s deep establishments’ utter incompetence, is now, once again, being blamed on the migrants.

Economic migration: breaking down the myths

Debunking the myths around the burden of “illegal” migration on societies, translating the individual problems of migrants to the larger systemic inequalities and finding the way forward.

Why MeRA25 is the only hope for Greece now – and why I will be there to help make it happen

Instead of pitting people against one another, MeRA25 is rightly pitting the 99% [most of us] against the 1% [the oligarchs, financiers, unelected bureaucrats and the banks].

WikiLeaks founder and DiEM25 member Julian Assange arrested!

Julian Assange’s arrest: a chilling demonstration of the current disregard for Human Rights and freedom of speech by establishment powers and the rising far-right

Welcome to the insane world of global trade

Two weeks ago it was #InsaneTrade Week, when we learned about the absurdity — and climate costs — of our global trading system.

A citizen takeover of the EU institutions

Election campaign kick-off. Discussion with Yanis Varoufakis and other DiEM25-endorsed candidates about a new form of politics.

A message of gratitude and support to our Italian Electoral Wing

DiEM25 is not yet another groupuscule of the Left, rushing into any unprincipled coalition in the hope of getting elected.

Against the EU Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market

DiEM25 opposes the censorious incursion into freedom of expression that the European Parliament voted for in the form of the EU Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market.

Skepticism and optimism for Algeria

Real solidarity from Europeans means criticism of the movements — to wish Algerians the same freedom from inspectorates, austerity, unjust trade deals and technocratic rule that we demand for Europeans in DiEM25.

Europe must put an end to unbridled arms trade

We call on European states to stop sales and exports of weapons to countries that could perpetrate genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

DiEM25 and European Spring launch historic transnational alliance to compete in the 2019 European Parliament election

Europe has a Green New Deal and it’s coming to a ballot box near you in May 2019.

DiEM25 lands in Brussels to present its “Citizen Takeover of the EU Institutions”: the first-ever transnational list to contest a European election

Join us on Monday in Brussels at the BOZAR Theater to discover what a true alternative for Europe looks like.

DSC Viborg and a European Spring animation project growing in the fields of rural Denmark

Our new volunteer group in Viborg, Denmark, is up and running and with plenty of good ideas!

The European Union Court rules in favour of the ECB – and against transparency and democracy in Europe

#TheGreekFiles, a legal opinion about the ECB’s actions towards Greece in 2015, will continue to remain secret. For now. DiEM25 will appeal the European Court’s ruling and amp up its campaign to bring transparency to European institutions.

A Citizen Takeover of the EU Institutions | March 25, Brussels, BOZAR

It’s time for a citizen takeover of the EU institutions, and we’re staging an event at the very core of the Brussels machine to show you how it could be done.

DiEM25 press release on the situation in Algeria

Rather than supporting the debris of a failed system, we must hear the democratic call of the Algerian people and bet on the future!

The EU statement on non-military intervention in Venezuela still upholds intervention

Though a positive step, Mogherini’s recent statement is simply insufficient when the EU plays a prominent role in endorsing the economic pressures currently sinking Venezuela.

Raise your voice against US aggression on Venezuela

We firmly oppose the threat of US military aggression against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. US military intervention has a long history in Latin and Central America, often supporting right-wing juntas and toppling democratically elected governments. There are only a few countries in both regions that have not been attacked by US forces during the 

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On March 8, let us not only reclaim the streets but reclaim our democracies

On International Women’s Day let us not only reclaim the streets, but reclaim our democracies, and defend the rights of all the dissenting voices calling for radical progressive change.

The right is waging a war on women. Help us fight them back!

DiEM25 and European Spring partners support gender-balanced MEP candidate lists and a programme that seeks to defend their rights and reclaim their dignity.

Pamela Anderson joins Srećko Horvat to promote our Green New Deal for Europe!

As part of the Elevate Festival opening on February 27 in Graz Srećko Horvat will be joined by actress and activist Pamela Anderson to promote our Green New Deal for Europe.

Campaign for Europe in Slovenia

Our volunteer group is Slovenia will open up the public space for a vigorous debate on what kind of Europe we want.

Nato Expansion in the Balkans

We must support both Balkan and European progressives for the basic principle at the core of DiEM25: democracy.

Laurent de Sutter and Rosita Allinckx to lead Belgium’s “Be European Spring” candidates’ lists to the European Parliament elections

Our Green New Deal for Europe is coming to Belgium and you will be able to vote for it on May 26!

DiEM25 activists gather in Cologne to boost a citizen takeover of the European institutions next May

In the run-up to the European elections, this year’s Academy focused on promoting our European Spring manifesto and and the way each of us can contribute to this unique endeavour.

Leipzig Calling

Live in Leipzig? Find out what our DiEM25 activists have been up to and get involved!

Carpe DiET – Democracy in European Tummies

Carpe DiET is a DiEM25 – Porto initiative. We join meals and minds, to hang out and act. Become a democracy’s “gourmand”.

Building the movement, together: Portugal

On December 19, our DiEM25 volunteer groups (DSCs) in Lisbon and Oeiras held a joint meeting for all their members and all DiEMers based in the Lisbon area.

How Brexit could lead to Britain becoming a land of the rich

How Brexit could lead to Britain becoming a land of the rich! The UK’s EU referendum campaign was one of the most divisive campaigns in modern British history: the question whether the UK should remain or leave the EU split the nation, families and friends. Brexit lies by the Leave campaign! The Leave campaign, funded 

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The UN can be won!

There is no more hopeful institution on the world stage than the UN, but it needs reform and structural changes.

DiEM25’s online art auction: A new way of funding democratic movements and a new relationship between participatory politics and art

DiEM25 is changing the way we do politics and fund our campaigns. From our first day, we declared that we shall not be receiving money from bankers, Brussels, oligarchs and assorted vested interests – that we would struggle with whatever funding our activists could provide from their meagre resources. Today, faced with the uphill struggle of participating 

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Artists for DiEM25: an online auction

This auction will support DiEM25’s transnational campaign, featuring works by a wide range of international artists who share the vision of a democratic Europe.

Europe now has a Green New Deal and it’s coming to a ballot box near you in May

Our Green New Deal for Europe will be heading to ballot boxes everywhere in Europe this coming May.

Our whistleblowing laws must change

The world has never needed more whistleblowers more. And yet whistleblowers have never face greater fear and uncertainty for speaking out against governments and corporations.

Democracy is a global struggle

The fight for democracy in Europe cannot be uncoupled from the struggle for justice around the world.

Austerity, Xenophobia, Euro and Environment – DiEM25 and European Spring event, Berlin 24/1/2019

With xenophobic and authoritarian forces rising across the EU, economies not yet back to pre-2008 levels, Eurozone ‘exits’ becoming more likely and climate catastrophe on the horizon, it’s time to stop what we’re doing and rethink.

MEP Candidate and MeRA25 leader Yanis Varoufakis unveils political programme for Greece and Europe ahead of elections

Varoufakis outlined his political programme’s key proposals.

Remembering Paweł Adamowicz: we must not let hate take over

Our thoughts are with all Polish citizens who want to commemorate Mayor Adamowicz and go out on the streets in silent protest marches against hate and aggression.

COP24: Another Climate Cop-Out

Far too little was achieved — and with climate destruction on the horizon, Katowice will mostly be remembered for the common “rulebook” of procedures and guidelines that delegates adopted there.

Belgian-Canadian student and DiEM25 member faces up to 8 years in prison after attending protest in Hungary

A Belgian-Canadian university student and DiEM25 member is facing up to eight years of jail-time after being arrested during a spontaneous protest in front of the Hungarian Parliament on the evening of December 12. Adrien Beauduin, a PhD student in Gender Studies at Central European University, was arrested along with four other protesters, who are 

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Don’t extradite Assange! (petition)

We have recently received confirmation that he has been charged in secret so as to have him extradited to the USA as soon as he can be arrested.

Letter to citizens of the EU from the “periphery”: the politics of closed borders are bringing us closer to fascist rules

We call upon citizens of the EU to stand up and make their resistance stronger than the borders which the governments are building.

Clean cars, green jobs

The new EU target of 37.5% reduction in new car emissions by 2030 needs to be backed up by sufficient investment in green technology and jobs.

Austerity is stupid: here’s why the powerful don’t like to admit it

The International Monetary Fund [IMF] now publicly condemns austerity policies but little has been done to turn away from them.

The song and dance about the UN migration pact

Our asylum system will forbid Europe from returning asylum-seekers to a country in which they would be in likely danger of persecution.

DiEM25’s recently established volunteer group (DSC) in North Strafforshire is leading the way

They have been busy supporting DiEM25’s UK National Collective and engaging in the local community too.

Our plan to revive Europe can succeed where Macron and Piketty failed | Yanis Varoufakis

Under my Green New Deal, €500bn a year can be created without raising taxes – and it may tempt Britain back to the fold.

What next for the Gilets Jaunes?

The protests reveal a France that is struggling to make ends meet.

The calamity of austerity in Greece

During the crisis twenty-five percent of the Greek economy vanished for good.

December 8: with DiEM25, against climate change

DiEM25 invites all communities to take to the streets, spread the word, and promote our message: With DiEM25, against Climate Change.

DiEM25 teams up with The Sanders Institute to launch the Progressive International

Our Progressive International will reclaim our communities, our cities, our countries, and our planet with a bold International New Deal that we will work, together, to deliver.

Yanis Varoufakis and Srećko Horvat will stand in next year’s European elections — in Germany [UPDATED]

The candidates to compete in Germany in next May’s European elections have been decided.

Palermo shouts!/ Let’s help them return home

On the night of 11 November on the eve of the International Conference on Libya, the group of artists known as Stalker / Noantri Planetary Citizens arrived in Palermo, Sicily, with ten maritime rescue ladders, originally made in 2004 with the Pakistani crew of a ship impounded in the port of Naples, and restored over 

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Bobby Gillespie, Jane Sanders and George Bizos become advisers to DiEM25

Musician, Bobby Gillespie, social worker, Jane Sanders and human-rights lawyer, George Bizos, complete the latest group of influential personalities to join DiEM25.

US midterm elections: the fight continues!

In spite of fear, fake news and voter suppression, Americans proved that hope survives. Let’s keep this light burning!

The “far right-conservative revolution” will hit the most vulnerable first

On October 12, thousands of protesters took to the streets of Berlin with a clear message: we are indivisible!

Statement of solidarity with American Jews and Jewish people across the world

Our western societies have never completely conquered antisemitism, and it is our generation’s task to do this.

A statement of Solidarity with the people of Brazil

We at DiEM25 express solidarity and support to all Brazilians during this difficult time — especially the opposition, which Jair Bolsonaro has threatened with persecution and violence.

European Spring alliance grows with new members Actúa and Nouvelle Donne!

We welcomed Actúa and Nouvelle Donne to our European Spring alliance and agreed the final common progressive agenda that we will take to the ballots in 2019.

The European Spring is arriving in Frankfurt on October 26!

The European Spring will arrive in Frankfurt am Main on October 26, 2018, to mark the beginning of the democratisation of Europe in Germany.

Julian Assange’s new ‘visits and communications’ regime is a small victory, but DiEM25 will continue pushing for his freedom

The new “protocol” regulating Julian Assange’s visits, communications and right to medical assistance remain inhumane. We will continue pushing for Julian Assange’s freedom until he is released.

DiEM Voice packs a full house at “Here and Now” event in London

On October 10, DiEM25 and DiEM Voice brought together more than 250 people for their “Here and Now” event at the Platform Theatre, Central Saint Martins.

DiEM25’s State of the Union

We bundle progressive forces across Europe to jointly defend the attacks by nationalists, right-wing populists and rabble-rouser on our core values.

Ryanair must change

To defeat transnational corporate powers such as Ryanair, we must widen our mobilisation strategies and widen our understanding of democratic accountability.

Democracy, xenophobia, and the political establishment: Stockholm DSC event report

The event was a huge success — and DiEM25 Stockholm received great feedback, questions, and input for the road ahead.

The DiEM25 line was clear: IN the EU, against THIS EU! Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell adopted that view – a clear, sophisticated opposition to Brexit

Yanis Varoufakis speaks to Spain’s La Razón on Brexit, the EU and DiEM25´s progessive answer to the “Nationalist International”.

We have white smoke! The results of MeRA25′ electoral program vote

The basic principle of DiEM25 – and MeRA25′ of course – is our internal democratic processes. MeRA25′ electoral program was voted in favour by 97,73%! Besides the vote on the program as a whole, there were five individual votes regarding the following fields: Conversion of medical and law schools to exclusively postgraduate schools, according to the 

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Message to DiEM25 members: The summer is over, let’s seize the day, let’s seize 2019

 To all DiEM25 members Friends, comrades, DiEMers, Today I am writing to you in my capacity as Secretary of MeRA25, DiEM25’s Greek electoral wing. Today, we begin voting on MeRA25’s electoral program. This is a remarkable moment. Think about it: DiEM25 is developing transnational democracy for the first time in Europe’s history, indeed globally. 

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Bernie Sanders and Yanis Varoufakis call on progressives to unite against Trump’s Nationalist International

The pair described the urgent need for a ‘Progressive International’ that can bring together people across the globe around a vision of shared prosperity, security and dignity for all.

Democracy returns: presenting MeRA25’s electoral programme for Greece

We do not fetishise the euro, nor the drachma. But we are determined to liberate Greek Democracy and end our country’s desertification!

DiEM25 and Demokratie in Bewegung — stronger together

The German electoral wing of European Spring is joined by parties in France, Denmark, Poland, and Portugal: a coalition that grows by the day to fight for democracy and solidarity in Europe.

Here and now: a creative vision for Europe, London, October 10

On October 10, “Here and Now: A Creative Vision for Europe” will bring together Srećko Horvat, Danae Stratou, Yanis Varoufakis, Bobby Gillespie and Rosemary Bechler at the Platform Theatre of Central Saint Martins to consider the role of culture in the fight for the future of Europe. With a range of performance, presentation, and discussion, the event 

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Democracy under threat in Romania

Fellow Europeans must stand with and support Romanians as they challenge authoritarianism and corruption in their government.

It’s time to stop funding and supporting the deadly war in Yemen

According to Human Rights Watch, there have been 85 unlawful coalition strikes, resulting in the death of almost 1000 civilians.

Chemnitz #C2708: Facism is back

We deeply despise the outrageous Nazi riots that took place in the city of Chemnitz on Monday.

The results are in: Here’s who was elected to lead our movement

Meet the women and men chosen to guide our movement in the months ahead!

The first-ever DiEM25 Academy is here!

Join us in Belgrade on September 15-17 for the first-ever DiEM25 Academy! Don’t miss this unique chance to meet activists from all over Europe and to learn how to take campaigning to the next level.

Repeal Article 135 of Spain’s Constitution

Article 135 of the Spanish Constitution means that the country is subject to debt. To restore democracy, we demand the repeal of Article 135.

Summary of meeting organised by DiEM25 local groups of Trieste (Italy) Ljublijana (Slovenia) and Rijeka (Croatia) in Gorizia

On Saturday 30 June, a diverse of group activists – from different countries, organisations, and political persuasions — met at the Kulturni dom of Gorizia.

Guarding “Fortress Europe”

Xenophobia and racism are flourishing while gatekeepers are ‘protecting’ the “Fortress Europe”.

MeRA25’s appeal to help fire victims

Your donation will help make a difference to the people of Greece who lost everything in the fires.

Ecological conversion together with migrants

Climate change caused by fossil fuels affect the entire planet. But the most devastated and exposed countries are those from which most of today’s refugees and migrants come.

The fight for migrant rights is all around us

The struggle to protect newcomers is not restricted to the statehouse. As Elin Ersson has shown, we all have a role to play: at home, in school, and even on the airplane.

Radical change, by consensus

The call for radical change used to come only from the outside. Now, even insiders like Barack Obama can see the system’s failure. We must build on this consensus.

Friend or foe? America’s changed relationship with Europe

Only a progressive international can fend off the new wave of nationalist movements and fight the failing establishment that gave life to them.

Introducing the European Spring programme

You are all now invited to amend and propose ideas for our European Spring policy programme that we will take to the May 2019 European Parliament elections.

Seismic security in the New Deal: from L’Aquila to the whole of Europe

For the first time ever, a European political programme includes seismic vulnerability and hazard reduction among its top priorities – not just at a national scale, but at a European one.

The international community must condemn the actions of the Nicaraguan government

The Nicaraguan government has tried to silence students’ demands for social justice, accountability and opening of democratic spaces with bullets.

It’s time to open the black boxes!

At the opening on July 14, short welcoming speeches will be delivered by the Mayor of Pollença as well as by the director of the Museu de Pollença, Andreu  Aguilo, the artist Danae Stratou and the curator Ines Muñozcano.

Saving lives along The Pier

An active alliance of civil society organisations and activists has founded The Pier, and DiEM25 activists are stepping up to support this cause.

The European Evolution

Not only do we, the members of DiEM25 participating in the European Spring, want to bring the hope of a renewed Europe, but with it the organisational and political tool to achieve it.

DiEM25’s response to the European Council: a coherent, human, effective migration policy

The 28 governments meeting in Brussels for the last European Council summit have abdicated their moral and political responsibility towards Europe’s citizens and towards future generations. Here is the alternative of DiEM25.

The EU is killing our democratic spaces using copyright as a Trojan horse

DiEM25’s position on Copyright Reform: democratise technology instead of allowing it to be used as a giant censorship machine in the interest of big business.

DiEM25 stands with El Día Después

Just like DiEM25, El Día Después is not about supporting a single party or politician, but a shared vision for the country’s future [Mexico].

The myth of the ‘migrant burden’ debunked

We have definitive proof: migrant and refugee populations work hard and deliver prosperity to their host nations.

European Spring lands in Warsaw

With partners from all corners of Europe, our common list for the 2019 European elections takes shape at a packed event in Poland.

The freedom of “the pack” outrages Spain

The Provincial Court of Navarre has decided to release on bail the five men it considers guilty of abusing an 18-year-old girl during the San Fermín festival in Pamplona in 2016. The decision is a new blow to a society that is aware of the fight against male violence and once again, thousands of women 

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European Parliament Elections: launching the European Spring transnational list

DiEM25 will be at the forefront of the transnational “European Spring” list that will campaign for the European Parliament with a unified election programme.

DiEM25 calls upon all progressives to support Julian Assange’s bid for freedom!

DiEM25 expresses its solidarity with Julian Assange and Wikileaks and calls upon all progressives to support his bid for life and liberty.

Germany’s government on the brink of collapse over migration policy

In Germany, then, we have a showdown. Even if the matter looks settled for the moment, it is almost certain that this new “coalition of the willing” will strike again.

DiEM25 supports de Magistris and other brave Italian mayors’ decision to #Let_Them_In | #Aquarius

When the Italian government shuts its ports to migrants, it is time for cities to disobey and keep them open.

European Spring Council agrees political programme ahead of 2019 European Parliament elections

We passed the first draft of the common progressive agenda that we will take to the ballots in 2019.

The European Spring’s continuing Open Call to Europe’s progressive forces

This is why European Spring is working hard on a coherent, comprehensive New Deal for Europe

Follow the European Spring’s 3rd Council Meeting Live!

Follow us live from Paris!

Fighting the Martina Decree: We won the first battle!

We obtained a first, very important victory today: but this is only the first battle.

It is official: DiEM25 has an electoral wing in Germany

On Saturday, 2 June, 70 members from all over Germany came together in Frankfurt to found the electoral wing “Demokratie in Europa DiEM25” and bring our fight to the German ballot box.

MeRA25 is charging ahead with the development of its political programme

Last week, MeRA25 members gathered to discuss a wide range of policy priorities in order to develop a diverse, coherent, and comprehensive policy agenda.

The European Spring is arriving in Paris on the 8th and 9th of June!

You are all invited!

DiEM25 salutes the Spanish parliament’s decision to move past Rajoy to a new era of change

Spain must now seize the opportunity not only to halt austerity, but also to repair and rebuild our common European project.

A necessary utopia: open debate on the role of DiEM25 in the event of elections in Italy

Take part in the open discussion about the prospects of DiEM25 in Italy, in case of early elections.

LGBT rights are not negotiable: equality and equity now!

May 14 reminded us that LGBT rights demand attention throughout a divided Europe.

Why we need to repeal the 8th amendment

We need to repeal the eighth to allow for compassion, care and choice for Irish women.

DiEM25 to launch its political party in Germany on June 2

After launching MeRA25 last March in Greece, DiEM25 will activate its second ‘electoral wing’ next week in Frankfurt.

“Just be fair”: when does journalism undermine its own reputation?

I don’t think there is any doubt that the powerful entities exposed by WikiLeaks want to destroy it and I don’t think there is any doubt that Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks team face huge legal and extralegal risks.

DiEM25 – Italy holds first National Assembly

Over the last two months in Italy, 20 regional assemblies have been held that have elected as many regional coordinators. And on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 May in Rome, DiEM25 convened the first National Congress for Italy.

DiEM25 lands in South Africa

Yanis Varoufakis and Mr Pravin Gordham agreed to establish a dialogue between the African National Congress (ANC) and DiEM25.

Why Eastern Europe needs a New Deal

Engaging Eastern Europe is crucial to answering the question of which kind of Europe we want.

Vótáil Tá – Vote Yes to Repeal the 8th Amendment

An open letter to DiEM25 members from DiEM25 Belfast DSC1.

What the new Bavarian police law means for European progressives

Last Tuesday, the Bavarian federal parliament passed a new law that gives unreasonable and excessive powers to its police. The legislation comes less than one week after 35,000 people protested against the law at the biggest demonstration in Munich in half a decade. The Bavarian parliament has full authority of its police, according to federalisation 

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Tourism and climate change: a toxic combination

Most recent scientific calculations show that tourism has much worse carbon emissions than previously believed. It is imperative that we design and implement meaningful green transition policies.

DiEM25 debates workers’ Brexit opportunities in Edinburgh

John Page suggested that workers could benefit from three areas that would be freed of total or partial EU control: industrial strategy, State support for SMEs and life-long learning.

Europe must distance itself from the Israeli government

Europe must condemn an American foreign policy that is blatantly guided by cynical geopolitical goals in the region, for the sake of which the human rights of the Palestinians are willingly sacrificed.

A tale of two populisms? The Italian political impasse and the renewal of economic democracy in Europe

In the light of this historic defeat – and similar losses to social democratic parties across Europe – we are left to wonder: is there a future for progressive politics in Italy?

Europe Day: not a day of celebration (yet)

So on this “Europe Day” let’s reflect on what kind of a Europe we have, why we have it, and how to move towards a new one that can make us proud to be a part of.

DiEM25’s invitation to Pablo Iglesias (Podemos), Catarina Martins (Bloco), Jean-Luc Mélenchon (FI) and Gregor Gysi (European Left) to an open discussion with EUROPEAN SPRING

Letter to Pablo Iglesias, Catarina Martins and Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

European Spring: 2nd Council Meeting Conclusions

Here are the conclusions of the second meeting among the founders of European Spring, Europe’s pioneer transnational list.

1st of May in Belgrade

It was a great day for DiEM. We spent the day speaking face-to-face with each other, giving differences a common ground, returning to what has brought us together in the first place.

The Precariat is Pushing Back — We Must Support Them

The labour market must not descend further in flexibilization, union demolition, and rising inequality — but toward fair and universal workers’ rights.

On the European Commission’s post-2020 long-term budget proposal

For the European project to remain relevant to European citizens – and indeed, for it to survive – it needs sensible, long-term projects, and to imagine ambitious and courageous solutions. That’s why DiEM25 offers strong alternatives in its Green New Deal policy proposals that will lift Europe out of its multiple crises, and bring it boldly into the 21st century.

DSC Barcelona May 1st activities

We’ve been quite busy in Barcelona over the past few weeks.

Saving the Sacred Cow

Yanis Varoufakis’s vision for a more democratic Europe.

The Armenian Revolution succeeds!

DiEM25 was among the first movements to provide coverage of the unfolding protests in Armenia, and its solidarity with the citizens of that country was invaluable.

May 1st: As long as capitalism exists, every generation of workers is condemned to wage the same struggles again and again – for dignity, wages, conditions, hours

Today, May 1, we struggle not to forget the sacrifices of generations of workers to etch onto the world’s collective conscience the crucial principle that labour is not, and can never be, just another commodity.

DiEM25’s Labour, Employment and Social Protection Policy Paper now in development – Contribute!

It is essential that we can propose European citizens and workers an alternative programme that puts social justice and the reduction of inequality at the heart of our new project for Europe.

“European Spring”: The transnational list to present a progressive alternative in 2019 gathers pace

Progressive political forces from across the continent gather in Lisbon to advance their common European agenda ahead of next year’s European Parliament elections.

You are all Northern Ireland now

The post BREXIT landscape sees two rival blocs with totally different, seemingly irreconcilable national aspirations. Welcome to my world.

Straight talk on trade, international institutions, Greek austerity and inequality

European austerity is a politics of power. It’s a banker protection racket. And the fact is, the strategy has now failed.

Open Letter to Gregor Gysi (European Party of the Left), Pablo Iglesias (Podemos), Catarina Martins (Bloco) and Jean Luc Melenchon (FI)

From Yanis Varoufakis (MeRA25-DiEM25) and Luigi de Magistris (DemA).

Europe’s pioneer transnational list council to gather in Lisbon

The list’s co-founders, as well as observers representing various political forces from across Europe, will hold their second meeting to continue developing the effort to present a united political front in next year’s European Parliament Elections.

Emmanuel Macron’s European challenge: and the crownless again shall be king?

Contrary to President Macron’s understanding of the authority of democracy, DiEM25 is devoted to constituting a horizontal, spontaneous and rhizomatic form of political and social organization, the legitimation of which depends on the will of freely associating citizens and groups of citizens.

The ‘Europeanization’ of schooling: what is a European education?

In an ambitious future, education as a common good means an education enjoyed by the whole community, built by citizens culturally capable of influencing, acting and imagining alternatives.

Facebook, privacy, and the use of data

The solution: break down Facebook’s monopolies.

DiEM25 strongly condemns last night’s US-led strikes in Syria

If we want to ease the suffering of the Syrian people, European democrats must first confront our governments’ tendency to embrace militarism.

The painful cost of French ascendency

The French economy might turn out to be the toast of Brussels, but the day to day experience for the French people will not endear them to liberal politics and the one who came to power promising to change it all.

Armenia’s youth take to the streets to defend their future

Citizens have taken to the streets in Armenia’s capital to protest the appointment of Serj Sargsyan, the country’s outgoing president, as leader-for-life.

Europe: Syria calling!

The Syrian crisis is not only a crisis in Syria. It is also a crisis of Europe itself.

Scientific research is the next victim of the EU’s democratic deficit

Proposed EU legislation wants to turn scientific publications into profit. We must mobilize to protect the scientific community and block the copyright reform.

You are a member of DiEM25 – MeRA25? You’re fired! Political persecutions in 2018

We received a message today which shocked us. We share it withholding the names of those involved, for obvious reasons. “So, I lived to see that, too! Today I got fired from my job as Scientific Advisor for an organization that cooperates with a German organization. The “justification” given was I am involved in DiEM25 

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Orbán’s re-election: hardly a fair fight

It remains to be seen how much more draconian Hungary will become in this new term.

Lula’s imprisonment: What’s at stake is the legitimacy of the elections and the stability of a region

The conviction and imprisonment of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is an offensive against the Brazilian people and their right to democratic self-determination.

The UE’s democratic deficit : What should be the role of political parties ?

Recently, DSC Lyon 1 was invited to participate in a seminar hosted by the Union of European Federalists

Biofuels should fight climate change, not serve capital

Biofuel industry is geared away from sustainability and toward investor greed. We need to develop new democratic and transparent decision-making processes.

Europe’s pioneer transnational list: Council Meeting Conclusions

Here are the conclusions of the first meeting among the founders of Europe’s pioneer transnational list.

Brian Eno & Yanis Varoufakis: Restore Julian Assange’s access to visitors and the outside world!

Statement by DiEM25’s Brian Eno and Yanis Varoufakis.

EU keeps increasing the opportunities for tax evasion

Spasmodic actions from the EU reveal that there is no solid long-term plan for tax evasion and channeling tax money transparently.

Hope is back for Greece: DiEM25 launches new political party

We had a full house on Monday for the launch in Athens of the MeRA25 party, DiEM25’s electoral wing in Greece.

The madness and conflict of Shakespeare’s characters can humanise economics

Why former Greek finance minister and co-founder of DiEM25 – a pan-European movement for democratising the EU – accepted the invitation to give Kingston University’s sixth annual Shakespeare lecture at the Rose Theatre.

DiEM25 to become political contender in Greece

Join us as we continue to make history on March 26 when we’ll launch MeRA25, DiEM25’s electoral wing in Greece.

Evictions that should not have happened

Europeans must to take to the streets until residential evictions no longer sweep through our cities.

In Italy, as across Europe, now is not the time to wait and see

The recent general election in Italy reflected the continental collapse of support for political parties that hail from the European establishment.

#DefendAfrin is over, but not yet

What is there left to say on a dark day like today? How can we even respond with words to what has happened in Afrin? The truth is, we can’t It’s just not possible to describe what has occurred. We can only express our heartfelt human warmth and solidarity with those who have lost their 

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Germany finally has a government: now what?

We need to resist the neoliberal grip of the European Establishment. No new government will truly represent peoples’ interests unless we speak up!

Why won’t the EU hold transnational corporations accountable for human rights?

EU representatives have to stop blocking the process and start contributing constructively, just as is demanded of them from the European Parliament.

How can we join the fight against gentrification?

A number of activists in the Czech Republic are facing years in prison for having broken a law called: the right to the house.

An Ostrich Policy for the Dutch — and for the Eurozone

Eurozone reforms could reshape Europe. But where exactly are the Dutch, the largest net contributor to the EU?

Selmayr’s appointment and the lack of transparency in the EU: just the tip of the iceberg

We demand that the European Parliament not only discusses Martin Selmayr’s gate, but that it also sets up a specific parliamentary committee of enquiry on transparency.

EU migration: Achmed’s story

Europe’s perverse refugee policy: create impossible barriers even for those who deserve protection unambiguously.

Europe’s first transnational list to contest elections is born

Today, March 10, 2018, will be a date to be remembered. For the very first time, national, regional and municipal political forces from across the continent assembled with a view to bring about change and reconstruct the European Union – bottom-up, transnationally.

The polis needs the feminine, at least as much as the feminine needs the polis

The feminism developed in recent years relates the legitimate claim of women’s full citizenship within the polis with a more symbolic – but not less profound – demand of full citizenship of femininity in politics.

We the women

DiEM25 Galicia-DSC Manifesto in support of today’s women’s strike.

The gendered cost of austerity

Kate Fristic on how austerity policies affect women and men in different ways.

On Croatia’s Entry to the Eurozone

Croatia should not join the Eurozone. Not yet.

DiEM25 and European progressive forces gather in Naples to launch historic transnational list

On March 10 we’ll take the initial steps toward getting back our cities, our regions, our countries, our environment, our Europe.

For The Times They Are A-Changing

We need to establish party wings while ensuring that the movement takes the lead. We need these dialectics in our struggle for more democracy in Europe (and beyond). And we must centre the women’s struggle along the way.

Election loss, victory of the idea

With very limited resources, virtually no access to media, loose infrastructure and entirely voluntary activist base, the Initiative managed to establish itself as one of the most relevant opposition forces in Belgrade. So while this might not have been an electoral victory, it was a victory of an idea.

Is 8 March special?

Let us celebrate 8 March both as a day marking considerable progress this year, but also as a special day destined to disappear because we will continue to fight, everywhere, whatever the odds against us, until we attain genuine equality, respect and dignity.

Glimmers of Hope for the UK’s Post-Brexit Future?

Labour’s plans are among the most hopeful developments in the Brexit process so far, and are strikingly similar to DiEM25’s proposal for a “Norway model” of relationship with the EU to achieve both a more progressive UK and a more democratic EU.

Defend Afrin – we shall overcome!

  Afrin, you are more than just the horrible pictures of wounded men and women and children that make me cry.

Returning Hope to Greece and Europe — With Your Help

In just three weeks we launch MeRA25, our ‘electoral wing’ in Greece. Here’s how you can help make it a success.

Why should we care about care?

As a progressive movement, proposing some of the most radical and interesting ideas in Europe, DiEM25 must make greater efforts to call out gender-specific economic inequality.

The dark cloud over Serbian media — and its silver lining

Facing a media blackout, Don’t Let Belgrade D(r)own activists and DiEM25 are campaigning door-to-door to defeat the major parties they seek to wrestle from power in next Sunday’s municipal elections.

A Slovakian Tragedy for Journalism

We must call for a serious and effective investigation, powered by the Slovak journalists that this killing attempted to silence: to join forces to properly and thoroughly investigate what Kuciak was investigating. That would be a true homage to his death.

Laurent Wauquiez accuses Macron of setting up a “demolition cell”

While we diverge with Macron on many fundamental policy matters, we value truth, evidence, and respectful discourse in our movement.

DiEM25 calls for the immediate release of Saleh Muslim

Saleh Muslim is a figurehead of the Rojava revolution. We call for EU member states to guarantee his protection and freedom of movement, and to reject all calls for extradition to Turkey.

“Real” eurozone reforms – and why they miss the mark

Germany has a new coalition agreement, and eurozone reforms are part of it.

The EU is planning a radical overhaul of financial programme

The European Commission is hoping that the Eurozone budget and other measures will shore the union up to withstand any further shocks

A war on our values

German and France defense ministers urge greater military spending to fight terrorism. It is progressives to challenge the war-mongering and push for progressive change.

Far right lobby pushes for EU deregulation

The plans call for the EU’s ‘Precautionary Principle’ — which places an onus on traders to prove that something is safe before it is sold — to be scrapped.

Germany and the SPD’s Future on a Knife-edge

The SPD’s inability to present a clear alternative to prevailing neoliberalism and austerity has been a boon to the AfD and a capitulation to the CDU narrative.

Tired Political Games in Northern Ireland

The DUP’s actions are an abrogation of responsibility and an unwillingness to make the hard decisions necessary to govern in the interests of all its fellow citizens.

Corruption in the Union: Orban’s ‘Cash Register’

Fresh allegations have emerged that EU Structural Funds worth billions of Euros have been awarded to friends and family of Victor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary.

DiEM25 is history in the making – be part of it!

We’re launching ΜέΡΑ25 (MeRA25), DiEM25’s political party in Greece, to revive the spirit of the Greek Spring and shatter Brussels’ dead-end agenda in 2019!

We have white smoke!

DiEM25’s members overwhelmingly approved the name of our new Greek electoral wing – the political party with which DiEM25 will contest elections in Greece, returning the spirit of the Greek Spring to the place of its birth.

Is Europe truly recovering?

Paul Krugman’s opinion article describes a fragile recovery of the European economy. But we should be sceptical about whose interests are properly considered by the EU’s economic policymakers.

Invest in bitcoins and all your previous financial sins will be forgiven

Although Bitcoin appears to have fallen into familiar traps, we shouldn’t lose sight of the potential of the underlying technology.

Join voices against the fascist cult of violence – “Long Live Life! Down with Death!”

After recent events in Macerata, Italy, we are beginning to realise that we need thousands of daily acts of resistance to banish fascist ideology.

DiEM25 returned to Berlin to celebrate its second birthday!

The Berlin birthday gatherings celebrated our progress – and set out an agenda for building on it as we move toward the 2019 European elections.

Help us establish a DiEM25 political party in Greece

Support us to offer an alternative path for the Eurocrisis’ front-line country.

Europe, is this your face to the world?

Europe’s migrants are being deported to conditions of torture, abuse, and incarceration – and Europe’s governments are complicit. Is this the face we show to the world?

The fight to deplete gender disparities throughout Europe is not over

Gender inequalities still exist throughout our European Union. Europeans have a duty to overcome these, and drive forward the movement for equity.

Thomas Wieser hailing ‘reforms’ and downgrades democracy

Wieser likes those who promote TINA. DiEM25 is here to challenge this and bring change.

Hard brexiteers tighten the screw on the UK PM

While millions are used as bargaining chips in this ever more farcical tragi-comedy…

No Mr. Macron, on European federalism you can’t whistle and hum at the same time

Let us not be deceived by Macron’s pretended “Europeanist” stance.

Belgrade elections — here we come?

DSC-Belgrade teams up with ‘Don’t Let Belgrade D[r]own’ ahead of the municipal elections next March.

It is winter again…

Renewed anti-corruption protests in Romania reveal a malaise stretching all across South-Eastern Europe.

Our transnational party takes shape — and everything else we’re up to

Here’s a roundup of some of our activities from the past few days. Exciting times!

Is the ECB’s lack of transparency tolerable?

ECB is lacking the transparency owed to a European democracy. And it’s harming Europeans.

How to boost European disintegration: admit that you saved the banks

When EU institution officials cultivate Euroscepticism, then EU is bound to crash if people (all of us) do not take progressive action.

Start cooking, the recipe will follow!

DSC-Berlin is happy to invite you to our birthday celebration from February 9 to February 11 in… Berlin!

The faces behind the hashtags and Deneuve

Two young political activists looking at #MeToo.

Our city / Naš grad

DSC-Belgrade is teaming up with “Don’t let Belgrade d(r)own”, a grassroots initiative to bring the city back to its citizens.

Belgium debates suspending human rights with migrant search law

We condemn the Belgian government’s plans to restrict the human rights of private citizens providing food and shelter for refugees and migrants.

Democratising Artificial Intelligence

We must tackle AI’s impact on social classes and the concentration of capital it generates.

DiEM25’s bid to build a transnational political party takes off in France

A delegation of DiEM25 members are meeting with potential ‘electoral wing’ partners in Paris ahead of the 2019 EU Parliament Elections.

Another ugly face of war: Ukraine has a rising HIV crisis

An HIV epidemic resulting from the conflict in Ukraine reminds us of our need to keep peaceful coexistence high on our agenda.

We’re now a step closer to competing in elections!

DiEM25 could participate in its first electoral contest as soon as this March!

Gene therapies: who profits?

Scientific advances are going commercial and ‘for profit’. Who should resist capitalism’s greed? Scientists? Policy makers? Us?

Summit in the EU south: all talk no action?

The European South met for the fourth time and concluded with no plan, no agenda, no proposals.

Let’s set the record straight on fake news, Mr President

An open letter to Emmanuel Macron on his plans to overhaul French media laws to combat the spread of “fake news”.

One more round in Germany, as Europe awaits

Merkel and Schulz know how to negotiate, but European democracy is non-negotiable.

Are we living through a new “Weimar era”? Lessons from the past and constructive resolutions for our future

DiEM25 is the living proof that the lessons from our dark past can be learnt and transformed into constructive resolutions for our future.

DiEM25’s 2018 will prepare for TINA’s demise in May 2019

In 2017 we took crucial steps. In 2018 we must do better so that, by May 2019, we can say that we made a meaningful difference.

These are the DiEMers who will lead our National Collectives in Belgium, Germany, Greece and Italy!

DiEM25 members across Europe vote in the grassroots activists who will lead our movement’s first National Collectives.

Candidates to the Catalan Parliament endorse DiEM25’s objectives

DiEM25’s members in Catalonia have prepared a letter for the candidates to embrace our movement’s ideals and objectives.
Check which candidates have signed the letter.

The new Austrian government shows the way… backwards!

Stop the far-right from gaining momentum.

Suddenly “United States of Europe” seems not so utopian

Martin Schulz’ proposals for a United States of Europe by 2025 are already in line with DiEM25 proposals. Is he planning to join us?

Vote now for your preferred candidates for our National Collectives!

Who will coordinate DiEM25’s efforts in Germany, Italy, Greece and Belgium? You decide!

LEAKED: Commission Trying to Woo German Conservatives by Sacrificing Europe to Austerity

This confirms our warnings that Greece has been used as an ‘austerity laboratory’ to test and generate methods to be exported to the rest of the Eurozone.

Hey German parliament, help democratise Europe!

DiEMers in Berlin launch a new campaign to strengthen European democracy via the Bundestag.

A Tale of Two Faltering Unions (UK and EU); and what DiEM25 proposes in response

An address at the Oxford Guild, Oxford University, on passionate believers who are troublemakers, Brexit negotiations, simulating a federation and other conundrums, November 28, 2017.

Capitalism vs Climate change: it’s urgent to take sides

To fight for climate change does not mean to fight for new/better policies but to fight against capitalism.

Want to be a candidate for our national-level organisations?

Our growing group of National Collectives is looking for candidates. Interested in coordinating our work in Germany, Italy, Greece and Belgium? Read on!

Naomi Klein, Richard Sennett and other leading figures become advisers to DiEM25

Irish Senator Alice-Mary Higgins, activist Ulf Clerwall and film-maker Avi Lewis complete the latest group of influential personalities to join our movement’s Advisory Panel.

Glyphosate: Democracy 0 – Lobbyists 1

The European Council’s decision to overrule the European Parliament is a direct show of contempt towards citizens and their sadly flawed European democratic tools.

German DiEM25 activists take Amazon’s perverse labour practices head-on

Working conditions are worsening all over Europe and DiEM25 activists are joining the struggle to reverse the trend.

Not all quiet on the Eastern front…

It is crucial to learn from the example of Eastern Europe if we don’t want to see the whole of Europe collapsing in this way.

A proposal for a European Constituent Assembly

DiEM25 Italy proposes how our movement could campaign to bring about a democratic constitution to replace all European Treaties.

Income inequality is getting worse. It’s time to address it.

New studies show how Europe has a long history of income unfairness. The economic crisis is making it worse.

Not in our name? Yemen, a humanitarian crisis being ignored by western media

Can it be that lucrative arms deals have deafened the west to the anguished cries of the Yemeni population?

May 2019, here we come!

A letter from Yanis Varoufakis about DiEM25’s ‘electoral wing’ and the path to 2019.

Fascists marching in Warsaw: another sign of Europe’s growing far-right problem

Last Sunday, Warsaw once again hosted on its streets the March of Independence, an annual march of nationalists and neofascists. Authorities turned a blind eye.

Can DiEM25 become the first transnational party?

An interview with DiEM25’s CC member Lorenzo Marsili about what our ‘electoral wing’ actually means, and the movement’s roadmap for transforming Europe.

Technological progress should not simply serve capitalism

Silicon Valley’s innovations should first pass through a “social” filter before going mainstream.

A European-level proposal for dealing with Catalonia and similar crises

Yanis Varoufakis puts forward a new, progressive pan-European policy framework for issues of independence in European regions

“BREXIT: What must be avoided and what must be done, now!” – speech at The Royal Society

Listen to the talk delivered at The Royal Society in London on November 7, 2017.

“Catalonia is a European problem demanding a European solution” – Yanis Varoufakis

The Catalonia crisis as an opportunity for Europe to re-define sovereignty, statehood and European democracy.

DiEM25 prepares to compete in elections

Landmark internal vote brings our European New Deal a step closer to ‘a ballot box near you’

The Paradise Papers are much more revealing than people think

A massive new leak exposes the tax havens of the mega-rich, reminding us that we need desperately to fix the system.

Upholding the Rule of Law in the European Union

An open letter concerning the upholding of the Rule of Law in the European Union, co-signed by 188 scholars, politicians, public intellectuals and members of the European Parliament and sent on November 3, 2017.

Taking DiEM25’s progressive agenda to the ballots: proponents make their case

Q&A with the authors of the four proposals on how our movement can establish an ‘electoral wing’.

Our climate crisis is also a crisis of democracy and imagination

A member of our local group in Munich explains why we should all support the ‘#Raus-aus-der-Steinkohle’ campaign.

Fighting poverty should not derail environmental goals

Poverty alleviation can jeopardise climate change goals, scientists say. We need to make sure this doesn’t happen.

DiEM25 : The Left is dead, long live the Left !

Our efforts run the risk of unravelling, unless we can find a suitable political and electoral vehicle for our ideas and our actions.

On how to get wings to fly

Thought piece on DiEM25’s electoral wing by Dutch DiEM25 members.

Will DiEM25 compete in elections across the EU? Our members will decide this week.

On November 1, DiEMers across Europe will be voting on the most important decision since our movement’s launch: whether or not we’ll establish an ‘electoral wing’.

Report: Our third Germany-wide meeting in Frankfurt

What happened when 100 DiEMers got together in Germany’s financial capital last week.

Live chat with our co-founder Srecko Horvat on October 31

Why do we want to form an electoral wing, and why now? Join Srećko for a chat to discuss all of this and more!

Don’t take food at your local store for granted

The capitalist food industry is making our planet unsustainable. Agriculture is at risk. Malnutrition is a global problem.

Eurogroup changing of the guard: where is the democracy?

Dijsselbloem and Schäuble decided to terminate their Eurogroup membership and did so without abiding by any due process. A perfect example of undemocratic Europe.

Not to be forgotten: refugees still need us

There are thousands of refugees still needing our attention and solidarity as European and global institutions fail to provide basic help and support.

The European Parliament is a democratic façade — it needs the right to initiate and pass legislation

A series of progressive EP resolutions are set to be killed by the European Council. This is a brutal reminder of the power balance in Brussels.

DiEM25 members condemn attacks on art in Serbia

There can be no political freedom without artistic freedom.

Czech Republic shifts to the right

Czech parliamentary elections see a big success for right-wing and far-right parties.

Losing hope in social fairness?

Romania could be on the path to the obliteration of any social agenda and a restoration of fiscal conservatism.

The environmental disaster that doesn’t make headlines

While the world focuses on climate change, the EU is failing to address another critical environmental problem: the health of our seas.

On eclipsed ends: ideals and ambitions in the search for Europa

The aims of the idealists who conceived of the European Project have been eclipsed by more short-term and vainglorious ends.

A day that European ideals bleed

The murder of Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia is a terrible blow for European democracy. We must not tolerate it.

Highlights from our ‘Real State of the Union’ event

Here’s a video from our event in Brussels last month, when DiEMers from across Europe – and beyond – gathered to present a real progressive alternative for the EU.

World under threat from “rogue” Trump

US President Donald Trump’s refusal to recertify the Iran Nuclear Deal is just the latest in a series of decisions that threaten global stability.

Euractiv just misrepresented Yanis’ position. Here’s how.

Reporter gets carried away by DiEM25’s pan-European plans and offers a creative interpretation of Yanis’ words.

DiEM25 France ready to shake Europe!

Old and new DiEMers, including representatives of our Provisional National Collective (PNC), got together with Yanis on Sunday.

Austrian elections: untamed ghosts

As a mediator between West and East, between Central Europe and the Balkans, Austria plays a very important role in mirroring emerging trends in Europe. Voter results should be a wake-up call for progressive movements, like DiEM25, to push harder and stronger for their positions.

Why do we need an electoral wing?

Our electoral wing, if members greenlight it, would allow us to take our fight with the Establishment to the next level – a historic, first-of-its-kind pan-European political force that will return power to you. To the people. To us all.

DiEM25 lands in Paris

Yanis Varoufakis is now in Paris to spread our movement’s message and strengthen its machinery in France.

What about the (South) Eastern Question…?

A call to our fellow DiEMers from Eastern Europe to join us and to bring us closer to other Europeans with different histories in the west, south and north.

Romania’s dangerous slide into illiberalism

Conservative groups in the country are trying to ban gay marriage outright.

Exposed: The role of Big Finance in ECB decisions

New report finds 98% of the European Central Bank’s official advisers are from the finance industry.

Greece and reforms: more déja-vu

The Greek economy is shrinking and is bound to extremely high primary surpluses and billions of debt to be repaid in the next years and decades.

Catch Yanis’ Facebook Live tonight!

Join Yanis Varoufakis’ second Facebook Live videochat tonight! Do you have any questions for him?

DiEM25 rocks Italy on tour

Thousands join us as we put forward DiEM25’s proposals at stops across Italy

Catalonia: democracy and secession

The Catalan question for us is not a national question, nor a question of a nation state, but a question of democracy.

DiEM25’s electoral wing is a historic moment

How DiEM25 could become ‘a hotbed of grassroots democracy capable of supranational solutions’, according to our CC member Rosemary Bechler.

Why Europe needs a new democratic left

True democratic control of European policies, that bypasses non-democratic institutions like the Eurogroup, the European Commission or the European Council, is the only hope for Europe.

The EU’s weak stance on the Catalonian referendum is unsustainable

The bloc’s non-reaction to the strong-arm tactics of the Spanish government risks boosting far-right governments in countries like Hungary or Poland.

”How to Democratise Europe?” A DiEM25 seminar in Prague

Our European New Deal was presented as a stabilisation program to pave the way towards a new European constitution.

The Inevitable and the Unpredictable

The political dissolution of the EU seems inevitable, as racism and nationalism are growing in many countries of Europe. But we must remember the words of John Maynard Keynes: the inevitable generally does not happen, because the unpredictable prevails instead. DiEM25 has this function: helping the unpredictable to emerge.

Schäuble leaves but Schäuble-ism lives on

The FDP’s ascension will see to it that Wolfgang Schäuble’s departure will not alter the policy of doing whatever it takes to prevent the eurozone ‘s evolution into a sustainable macroeconomy.

G20 – they colonized our future

G20 forecasting prolongs the infinite growth paradigm into the future, while G20 backcasting draws strategic conclusions for present action leaving the paradigm still intact.

Our ‘Greek New Deal’ presented in Patra – Greece’s third-largest city

“Parties who are not willing to disobey the troika, cannot make any promises to the people and keep them.”

Not just another political party

An open proposal to DiEM25 members for our movement to create an ‘electoral wing’.

Our Italy tour kicks off!

Starting tomorrow, our very own Yanis Varoufakis and Lorenzo Marsili will be touring Italy. Their mission? To meet activists and political figures and put forward DiEM25’s proposals for tackling Europe’s common problems.

Our view on Catalonia’s referendum

The current events taking place in Catalonia are worrisome to DiEM25, for they touch on the very essence of some of our movement’s founding principles, particularly our defence of democracy and of people’s rights to decide their future.

It’s time to make a choice

This is not a time for rest and reflection – our window of opportunity to make progressive change happen is closing fast.

What now, Europe?

It is time for German voters to realize that a vote for the CDU is a vote for short-term rewards and a long-term disastrous breakup of the EU.

German elections, science and climate change

We should envision the next German chancellor addressing all criticism on matters of climate change by accelerating Germany’s green transition and becoming a world leader in eliminating CO2 emissions.

To lead Europe Germany needs to come to terms with its crucial role in it

It is greatly disappointing that the federal election campaign has been so parochial, so empty of any serious debate on Europe.

Varoufakis on the Catalonia Referendum: “I’m not taking sides”

Political problems must always be solved politically, by discussing and proposing solutions to all kinds of problems. Repression is never the solution.

The Sanders phenomenon is still here

We support moves like Sanders’ new health care bill, as progressive proposals that put people first.

The Eurozone is ‘bouncing back’? Tell that to the people of Spain and Greece

Evidence points to a wide chasm between people’s lived experiences and the European Commission’s message of triumph.

Portugal’s left-leaning economic recovery

Portugal is on the path to solid economic recovery, but the structural flaws of the Eurozone, that contributed heavily to the country’s crisis persist.

Why universal basic income is not enough

At DiEM25, we agree with the logic of a universal basic income. Critically, however, we believe that the money should not come from additional taxes or the government. We propose UBD instead: a universal basic dividend.

German elections 2017: DiEM25’s 8 proposals for Germany’s Progressives

Read DiEM25´s policy proposals ahead of this month’s German federal elections.

Dividing people with drones. Maybe we should just go back to soldiers and barbed-wire fences?

Surveillance drones and other such science-fiction security measures risk taking Northern Ireland back to the darkest period of its history.

French workers protest Macron’s labour reform – and the troika’s arrival in Paris

Pandering to big business by maximising its profitability at the expense of workers is only a consequence of the Schäuble plan to rid the EU of its core values and quash its peoples’ democratic yearning.

DiEM25 packs a full house at “Real State of the Union” event in Brussels – UPDATED

Over 1,500 people attended, including hundreds of DiEM25 activists from across the continent…

Will elections in Germany change anything?

All Europe’s hopes are pinned on the German elections on September 24th.

How the European idea can be saved

Developing DiEM25’s constituent process: Part II of a member of the London DSC’s contribution to our discussion.

Did you forget the meaning of the words: Nie Wieder Auschwitz?

Open letter to some German journalists.

Why Europe’s treaties are failing its citizens

Developing DiEM25’s constituent process: A member of the London DSC’s contribution to our discussion.

UK McDonald’s workers strike for the first time for a living wage

DiEM25 supports the strike and the demands for a living wage and the right to join a union.

Nuclear weapons modernised as nations prepare to ban them

North Korea’s sixth nuclear test, which it apparently conducted today, comes while the world’s other nuclear powers are arming up.

Europe, we have a problem: Houston, Mumbai, Niger – all within one week

Extreme weather events are becoming the new normal, putting more than half of the world’s cities at risk.

The results are in: Here’s who was elected to lead our movement

Meet the women and men chosen to guide our movement in the months ahead!

Our shared values of humanism and democracy are stronger than any act of terror. #TotsambBCN

Once again, we are shocked and heartbroken by another outrageous terror attack in less than a week — this time in Barcelona.

Cheer up, (or) it might never happen

As the world has darkened, so has our mood. Snarkiness, cynicism and divisiveness have become the order of the day. This renders us immobile and incapable of addressing the multiple threats confronting us, at a time when we need to be as strong, cooperative and positive as possible.

The white supremacist terror in Charlottesville is another sign of the rise of the nationalist international

We at DiEM25 stand in solidarity with the counter-protesters and with the victims of this act of vicious extremism. We stand up for a bold multiculturalism from below.

A shame for Europe (and unfortunately for SYRIZA too)

The agreement between the EU and Turkey on refugees is one more example of how hypocrisy is becoming an integral part of how the EU deals with major challenges.

Poland: Autocracy wasn’t built in a day

The current attack on the independence of the judiciary is an element of a broader regime change pushed by the ruling Law and Justice party and its chairman, Jarosław Kaczyński.

DiEM25 Barcelona DSC- Activities 12-14 July

DiEM25 Barcelona DSC invites you to attend “Sol & cafè & política”. A few days to talk about Europe.

#G20Hamburg – an update from DiEM25’s members and activists on the ground

Protesters are blocking the streets, helicopters are hovering the sky and DiEM25 is in the middle of it all. Join our call for “Constructive Disobedience” tonight at 7.30pm from Hamburg’s University (live stream available).

Democracy submerged!

All citizens have the right to freely express their opinions and to gather peacefully for protest. The freedom of assembly, as well as freedom of expression, is a basic pillar of every free and pluralistic society.

Elections to DiEM25’s Coordinating Collective

In accordance with DiEM25’s Organising Principles, 6 positions in the Coordinating Collective (CC) will be contested in an open election in August.

Hamburg is transforming itself into an Orwellian dystopia for the G20 Summit

On July 7-8 the G20 Summit is happening in Hamburg. The city’s authorities plan to transform it into a democracy-free zone of complete surveillance, enforced by paramilitary means. We wrote the letter below to the Senate of Hamburg to protest.

World Refugee Day

Winning votes by erecting fences and violating international law on refugees is the last resort of politicians ready to sacrifice their nation’s integrity for their own miserable petty reasons.

Reduction of military spending in DiEM25’s New Deal, a contribution from Pressenza

As journalists at the international press agency Pressenza and activists of the Humanist association “World without Wars and Violence”, we intend to make a contribution to the debate in DiEM25 and the development of an innovative and courageous platform for the 2018 European elections.

Announcing our New Deal for Greece – in English

Here is the English version of DiEM25’s New Deal For Greece, our response to TINA and the Eurogroup’s extend and pretend policies.

Right to the city – DiEM-Lab #1

Since 2008 more people on earth are living in cities than in the country. Until 2030 there will be 5 billion people in cities. Therefor urbanisation is a planned development. In which direction this plan will develop and who is going to have the right to a say in the matter will be another question. 

Read more

Letter from the CC about the Italian municipal elections 2017

In the Italian municipal elections, the Coordinating Collective supports citizens-led coalitions that are close to DiEM25’s manifesto, to create a network of Rebel Cities.

56 candidates for French parliament endorse DiEM25’s principles

Our French members have taken a different route to bring DiEM25 into the electoral debate and push for a progressive alliance at the ballot: they gave a variety of candidates running in the upcoming parliamentary elections on June 11 and 18 the chance to embrace our movement’s aims.

“Refugees: a crisis of European democracy” in support of World Refugee Day

Organised by DiEM25 Barcelona DSC in collaboration with CCAR (Catalan Commission for Aid to Refugees).

DiEM25 supports Jeremy Corbyn & John McDonnell – except in our own special way!

DiEM25 was not created just to support existing political parties. Our task is tougher and more important than this: it is to forge the Progressive International that Europe needs.

DiEM25 endorses 15 candidates in the UK elections

On May 28, we published to our members a list of fifteen progressive parliamentary candidates standing in the UK general election on June 8 whom we would like to publicly endorse for the last few days of the campaign. Every DiEM25 member, including non-UK members, had a vote in this, and the results are now in!

Yanis Varoufakis Returns to Dublin to Launch DiEM25 in Ireland

A weekend-long event will put Dublin at the heart of progressive European politics

DiEM25 to form Europe’s first transnational political party

The next step toward 2019: the formation of the first transnational pan-European political party, which is necessary to give the European New Deal electoral expression.

DiEM25 conquers Athens: A timeline

Last week, DiEM25 held its first-ever event in Athens, ground-zero of the Euro Crisis and of course our co-founder Yanis Varoufakis’ home turf. Here’s a timeline of what happened: The week started off with a bang: Greece’s opposition party shamelessly attacked us, so we responded in kind. The DiEM25 Greece team put out a series 

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DiEM25 returns to Berlin to develop its political roadmap

This week in Berlin, we shall answer an important question: How can we take our European New Deal to the ballot box in every corner of Europe, and make it a reality?

DiEM25 members agree to support Zagreb is OURS! ahead of elections

Together we have chosen to support Zagreb is OURS! Now let’s help them succeed.

Greece’s opposition party shamelessly attacks us — here’s our response

As DiEM25 erupts onto Greece’s political scene, the country’s leading opposition party wasted no time in attacking us.

Macron came to Greece’s aid during our crisis. The French left should back him

Yanis Varoufakis: “When my country was being bullied by Europe’s pro-austerity establishment, Macron was a rare ally. More importantly, he’s all that stands between France and the fascism of Marine Le Pen”

Yanis Varoufakis: Why we support Macron in the second round

In an op-ed in Le Monde, Yanis calls upon French progressives to vote for Macron in the second round of France’s Presidential election. The article explains his recommendation to French voters.

Why French progressives should vote for Macron

The second round of the French presidential election is not about voting for the lesser of two evils. It’s about bringing progressives together to vote against evil itself.

DiEM25 co-founder Yanis Varoufakis meets with Ecuador’s President-elect Lenín Moreno in official visit

DiEM25’s co-founder meets with the outgoing President, the President-elect, the Foreign Minister, and top economic officials.

We’re going back to Greece!

We feel that it is about time DiEM25 should return to Greece, thereby returning the spirit of the Greek Spring to its birthplace, in spite of the different “Kazimirs” of Greece and other countries. And this is what we are doing by starting from Thessaloniki on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th of April.

The dark side of the Turkish referendum

How we got here The situation in Turkey during the time before the referendum could well be described as a Chronicle of a Death Foretold . Erdogan used July’s failed coup attempt as an excuse to unleash a fierce manhunt against anyone standing in his way. Students, scholars, journalists and citizens who opposed his regime 

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DiEM25 in Thessaloniki on April 28/29

Reason, hope and dignity – a call to contribute to the European movement that was inspired by the Athens Spring

DSC Berlin launches first DiEM-Lab Event: „How to build a Rebel City“

It took a while…but now the DSC Berlin is ready to launch its very first DiEM-Lab! DiEM25 Berlin opens a new space to foster grassroots politics and democracy! On the 30th of April several activists, political organisations and local initiatives will gather at Technische Universität Berlin to discuss „How to build a Rebel City“. Speakers 

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DiEM25: an example of internal democracy in action

For an inspiring example of internal democracy in action, look no further than DiEM25’s briefing paper on the French elections.

Brexit is an old people’s home

Brexit is government of the old, by the old, for the old – and it will perish with the old. Maturity could still mean that it is the right thing to do; only in Theresa May’s hands Brexit has become an attempt to restore a 17th century version of sovereignty that is bound to fail.

The EU cannot survive if it sticks to business as usual

As it stands, the prospects for a stabilized eurozone do not look good. Business as usual — the establishment’s favored option — could soon produce a major Italian crisis that the eurozone cannot survive.

“DiEM25’s European New Deal demands electoral expression”, Yanis Varoufakis tells journalists

DiEM25 co-founder outlines how the movement plans to take its economic programme – launching tomorrow – to the people of Europe.

Introducing DiEM Voice, our new art platform

DiEM Voice aims to facilitates a democratic dialogue between people-participants across Europe, using art.


The idea of Europe is in retreat and the European Union seems to have entered into an apparently irreversible crisis. With Brexit, one great pillar of the European Union has already fallen. Others may follow – if not in this year’s election cycle then perhaps in the next.
“Take our country back!” is the proud message of Brexit supporters and an aspiration that we begin to encounter everywhere in Europe, even amongst left-wingers advocating a return to the nation-state.

This weekend, DiEM25 lands in Rome to present its “European New Deal”: our alternative to “There Is No Alternative”

Over three days of events and important announcements. And we invite you to be part of it!

DiEM25 members take to the streets of Rome in “March for a Different Europe” demonstration

We will be marching alongside a broad coalition of movements, trade unions and political actors to send an important message to anyone who will listen: we are determined to save the EU from itself.

A tragic milestone in the EU’s treatment of refugees

Today is the one-year anniversary of the EU-Turkey deal on refugees that’s tearing families apart, inflicting unnecessary suffering on people who have already suffered the unimaginable and sending the worst message to the world about the values of Europe, our common home.

Dutch Elections and Europe: the Dutch political ‘center’ asserting itself no reason for complacency

Underneath the ‘grey-right or green-right’ coalition government, which will most likely now emerge, several strong socio-economic and cultural changes are manifest, which constitute the deeper transformations in the Dutch political arena. And they may not be unique for The Netherlands.

Was the EU’s Greek bailout ILLEGAL? Bid to uncover secrets that could BLOW APART eurozone

Clearly, the EU institutions’ failures are so damaging that even those who want to destroy it understand the arguments of those of us who want to save it!

Gender Equality in DiEM25

The world is suffering setbacks in Gender Politics. The repulsive statements and scandals of the Trump campaign are only one example for this. Poland’s government would like to abolish the already restricted right to safe and legal abortion which thousands of protesters, the black protests, have prevented so far. The German AfD wants to get rid of gender studies altogether and all too often we hear the word Genderwahnsinn – Gender madness.

Varoufakis and De Masi clash with ECB on transparency

Greece’s former finance minister, with German MEP, to hold press conference Wednesday, March 8, to announce filing a vital Freedom of Information request to the ECB.

25M: launch of our European New Deal in Rome

On March 25, the day of an extraordinary European Council in Rome, we will strongly intervene in public discourse and media, launching a cultural and political path that will embrace the whole 2017.

New Unions: DiEM25

Speech delivered by visual artist Jonas Staal at DiEM25’s launch in Amsterdam on February 26.

Barcelona – a city rallies for refugees

Last Saturday afternoon in Barcelona was momentous. A third of a million people came together to protest in our streets. It was the biggest march seen in Barcelona since the Iraq War demonstrations, almost fourteen years ago. The march has been plotted out from Barcelona’s heart to its shoreline, but even before we start moving 

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Mr Draghi, what are you afraid of?

We know the ECB commissioned a legal opinion on the legality of those actions. And we want to read that opinion, but the ECB refuses to make it public.

Mr Draghi, what are you afraid of? Release #TheGreekFiles!

#TheGreekFiles: DiEM25 launches petition to support freedom of information request for legal documents on the ECB’s closure of Greece’s banks in 2015.

Mr Draghi, what are you afraid of? Release #TheGreekFiles!

#TheGreekFiles: DiEM25 launches petition to support freedom of information request for legal documents on the ECB’s closure of Greece’s banks in 2015.

DiEM25 Unveils Its ‘European New Deal: An Economic Agenda for European Recovery’

To take back our countries, our regions and our cities, we need to reclaim common purpose amongst sovereign peoples. And to do this we need an internationalist, common, transnational European project. We need a European New Deal. This document outlines just that.

DiEM25: One Year On

In February 2016, we launched our movement with a simple goal: to democratise Europe. Back then, the establishment media quickly dismissed us as ‘too radical’ and ‘utopian’, and went back to the business of preserving the status quo for their corporate and political masters. A year on, our journey to ‘radical utopia’ is going quite well!

Change from below – City for everybody

In Berlin a broad alliance of local initiatives takes to the streets for social housing and self-determined organisation of the city by its inhabitants. Students of the Humboldt University of Berlin initiated this demonstration. What is exemplified by this demonstration is the consequence of extensive social change. A report. The students present at the demonstration 

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Yanis Varoufakis comes to King’s College London

Yanis Varoufakis made his way to Britain recently as part of his tours of the continent, aiming to mobilise support for DiEM25 and its Progressive Agenda for Europe.

Warmongering in the Balkans

Warmongering has always been an instrument which is used by elites to neutralize social resistance. When people start to raise their voices against the poverty and inequality and when the elites sense that their power and privileges are under threat, they use nationalist rhetoric to redirect the anger of the oppressed people. By using cheap and flammable nationalist rhetoric they convince 

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DiEM25-UK: Organisational launch meeting at Conway Hall, London

On Saturday morning, January 28, 2017, at Conway Hall in Central London, long an important place for radical religious, philosophical, social and political thinking in the UK, DiEM25 held its UK organisational launch.

Yanis Varoufakis: Europeans should be excited about Benoît Hamon winning the French presidency

Benoît’s candidacy embodies the progressive, democratic values we hold at DiEM25.

Britain needs DiEM25; and DiEM25 needs Britain

DiEM25 aims to act as the catalyst to the construction of a broad left coalition able to challenge the rising nationalism in Europe and confront their domination of the media and political landscape – something sorely needed here in Britain.

Setting the tone for DiEM25’s grassroots activism in Barcelona

It’s a rainy, late-January morning. A group of demonstrators stands singing in front of the Barcelona European Parliament Office to protest for the European Action Day against CETA. Among these demonstrators can be found progressives, ecologists, feminists, alter-economists and, as has become usual in this city, DiEM25 supporters. Even in a cold winter morning, the 

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Join us on Saturday to launch DiEM25 in the UK!

DiEM25’s open meeting will take place on Saturday, January 28, from 10am to 1pm at Conway Hall in Central London.

DSC Berlin at the congress of the European Left

380 delegates from 27 member parties and from nine observation parties arrived in Berlin for the 5th Congress of the European Left. Their concerns about Europe were connected: austerity politics, growing precariousness, the rise of the populous right and higher military budgets for geopolitical power games (just to name a few). Europe is standing knee 

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Slavoj Žižek: Lessons From the “Airpocalypse”

The airpocalypse in China is a clear indication of the limits of our predominant environmentalism, this strange combination of catastrophism and routine, of guilt-feeling and indifference.

Poland, you won’t be left alone

This phase of Poland’s parliamentary crisis is over, but Poland remains stuck in a much deeper one – the crisis of far-right authoritarian rule, of representative parliamentary politics and of democracy itself.

Yanis Varoufakis: A Greek warrior sets sights on a new battle

If DiEM25 picks up momentum, Mr. Varoufakis is not ruling out sending DiEM25 candidates to the polls.

French Presidential Hopeful Benoît Hamon Embraces DiEM25

Benoît Hamon: “I am particularly sensitive to Mr. Varoufakis’ concept of “constructive disobedience.”

Freedom & Democracy: Global Issues in Context – with Edward Snowden & Srećko Horvat

On January 15, DiEM25 co-founder Srećko Horvat will join Edward Snowden and five other experts to discuss freedom and democracy. Live stream soon to be announced. Save the date!