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MeRA25 Yunanistan’da Demokrasi İçin Yürüyor: “Hepsinden Öte Anayasayı Gözetiyoruz”


Bugün MeRA25 milletvekilleri, doktorların, hemşirelerin, öğretmenlerin ve öğrencilerin “kendilerini desteklemeyen bir hükümet” tarafından terk ...

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A guilty verdict for Golden Dawn is only the beginning


MeRA25, will be outside the Courthouse awaiting, along with many other antifascists, the guilty verdict.

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MeRA25 is reorganising and strengthening: Electing its 1st Central Committee!


After the ratification of its new Statutes by all DiEM25 members, MeRA25 now needs to elect the new organs that will govern it.

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Yanis Varoufakis: The Aegean and Mediterranean should become seas of Peace, Cooperation and Shared Green Prosperity


Following Greek-Turkish tensions, MeRA25 proposes an East Med Convention without foreign arbitration as a way to peace and green prosperity.

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MeRA25: Ein Jahr im griechischen Parlament


In weniger als einem Jahr hat die MeRA25-Fraktion durch ihre Gesetzesvorlagen bewiesen, dass sie die repräsentative Stimme der Griech*innen im ...

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MeRA25: One year in Parliament


In less than a year, MeRA25’s parliamentary group have proven through their actions that they represent the voices of Greeks in parliament.

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MeRA25 Statement: Unity and struggle against the 5th Memorandum


In 2010 Greek society was caught by surprise, and citizens succumbed to the attack of the troika and 1st Memorandum. In 2020 we know better.

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Brutal treatment of refugees and migrants on Greek-Turkish border


Amidst police brutality during protests in Chios and Lesvos and the 'preventative censorship' of the public TV station, the Greek government is ...

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MeRA25: “We will deconstruct each and every of your toxic proposals!“


MeRA25’s first days in parliament – we vowed to give them a hard time!

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