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The mass deaths of refugees and the responsibility of Greek society


Throughout Europe - and more recently in Greece - we are witnessing a surge in xenophobia, in the form of aggressive tolerance of mass deaths

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Fires in Greece: The same old story


The lack of preparation from Mitsotakis’ government, unfortunately, has already been made apparent, with much of Attica being burned again

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The main resolutions of the MeRA25 Central Committee: 9 July 2023


The main resolutions of the 8th Meeting of the Central Committee of MeRA25 on 9 July 2023

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MeRA25: Statement from Yanis Varoufakis on the Greek election results


Starting tomorrow, ahead of local and European elections, 'MeRA25-Coalition for Rupture' will work tirelessly for the reconstitution of the ...

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World Refugee Day: Raising our solidarity against their fences


World Refugee Day 2023 arrives on the back of yet another tragedy in Greek waters

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Statement by MeRA25 Greece leader Yanis Varoufakis on Greek election result


We have a sacred obligation to put the brakes on the Orban-isation of the country

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MeRA25 condemns latest revelation of inhumane migrant pushbacks in the Aegean


Our political party in Greece and its Coalition for Rupture have released a statement about the latest criminal act towards migrants revealed by ...

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We have the support of Climate List Germany for the parliamentary elections in Bremen


Bit by bit MERA25 is gaining support and shaping up as the radical, progressive and green political force for Bremen

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Honouring Oxi Day and recognising the struggle that continues today


Our battle against fascism today must also be a constant battle against the toxic policies that feed it, reproduce it and maintain it.

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