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No-Platforming: A right-wing means for undermining progressive ends


Let's change the course of culture-warfare, away from a barren territory and back to a more creative arena, free of censorship.

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Against “de-platforming” and other stunts


We cannot allow the stifling of criticism, so that a few media activists insist on describing the current protests in strictly cultural terms.

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What if the European common debt were an opportunity for workers to seize?


The European Union is a political space where the financial elites are winning by strangling the workers and populations of Europe through austerity.

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Berlin Diaries: “Protests, Concerns & Hopes”


The radical systemic changes that the BLM is fighting for require internationalism and persistence. We need to talk about neoliberal capitalism.

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Corporate dystopia is coming: here’s how the Left must fight it


The coronavirus recession will be long and protracted, and will exacerbate the shift from neoliberalism towards corporate state capitalism.

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Internationalism against reactionary violence


Enforcing internationalism through fighting for common progress is the best defence against reactionary violence.

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The insidious return of xenophobia in Greece


DiEM25 and MeRA25 will not allow the Greek government to legitimise the Golden Dawn – Greek Solution racist narrative.

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The crisis of centrist politics


We need a democratic project that revitalises our democracy and works for the necessary changes in parliaments, on our streets and in our living ...

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A democratic EU is possible but we must do more than just imagine it


We must turn the EU into a place that nobody would ever want to leave.

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