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Grenfell public inquiry sheds light on unethical practices at construction firms


Materials used in refurbishing the Grenfell Tower in 2016 are now known to have contributed to the fire, which claimed 72 lives.

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Why are the Labour Party turning their back on the Green Industrial Revolution?


Labour’s ‘Green Recovery’ report is a quivering withdrawal from Labour’s 2019 manifesto pledge to deliver a Green Industrial Revolution.

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Message from Brian Eno on the US Presidential Election result


I’m relieved at the election result but not ecstatic: 70 million people voted for Trump after probably the most disastrous four years in US history!

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Fighting words: Attention to language in an age of extremes


In this period of austerity for the many and socialism for the few, the language of 'winners and losers' has displaced that of masters and slaves.

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Poland’s abortion ban, a warning for all women* in Europe


Every one of us must stand in solidarity with fellow Poles. Decisions about our bodily autonomy should not be left in the hands of any state.

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Against electoral fatalism


For those outside the US, our fate depends not on one superpower’s elections, but our willingness to reject commands from Washington.

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The Jakarta Method and the political efficacy of mass violence

Paramilitaries get away with violence because they typically target the enemies of those who are charged with prosecuting them.

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Covid diktats, disunity and revolt: The slow death of the United Kingdom


What the showdown between Westminster and the regions demonstrates is that the Tories govern in the interest of capital and little else.

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The Belmarsh Tribunal put the US on trial for crimes revealed by Assange


Julian Assange’s extradition hearing came to a close, with the verdict set to be revealed early next year. The struggle for his liberation continues!

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