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Berlin: International solidarity prevails



Thousands took to the streets in Berlin and many other German cities in solidarity with the Palestinian people

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Emotion is at the heart of politics — the Left must remember that


Emotion should not be deified, nor eluded as the quintessence of politics. It is a necessary condition, though not a sufficient one.

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My Carnation Revolution will always be like this


The courage of Portugal's April 25th Captains is the same courage we need today to bring real democracy everywhere across Europe.

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DiEM TV: Faces of DiEM with Erik Edman with Cassie Callan and Ciro Faienza


Faces of DiEM featured a vivid conversation on how to approach politics through a pragmatic point of view, rather than from intellectual enclaves.

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Despite treaties, nuclear weapons remain


As of 22 January, nuclear weapons are illegal under international law. But unless we act decisively, this will remain a symbolic action.

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Did we see something like Another Now’s Crowdshorters in action?


In Another Now, Varoufakis imagined a new type of resistance movement that uses the tools of finance to bring down capitalism.

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The Left is failing because of a lack of understanding of how diverse revolutionary subjects are


In order to be politically relevant in the struggle, one must understand the ways in which various forms of oppression intersect.

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The self and other in a globalised world



Mental health is routinely described in individualist terms. But how is psychological well-being possible in societies which are unhealthy?

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The death of Ibrahima: A systemic tragedy


The death of 23 year old Ibrahima whilst in police custody sparked outrage in Brussels. It is not the first tragedy of its kind.

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