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Short-time work fraud during COVID-19: we want your testimonies!


Companies that wrongly receive short-time work aid are committing theft. Are you witnessing a subsidy fraud with the short-time work regime?

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The Greens must reject new austerity in Ireland


The new #ProgrammeForGovernment does not offer the radical change that Ireland would need to address its deep environmental and social crisis.

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Police force hospital staff to take off their white coats at anti-austerity protest


In France, protests were held by hospital staff who called citizens who had been applauding them from their balconies to support their demands.

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Facebook Walkouts: Open Letter to IT workers 

DiEM25's Dublin DSC 1 supports IT workers participating in Facebook walkouts: "Don't quit. Reach out to other workers. Join a union. Organise."

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French organisations support healthcare staff in calling for a demonstration on 16 June

The World After Coronavirus can only be built when we rally behind an alternative to capitalism.

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A poem for those who have lost the right to speak


Maja Pelević reflects on the inhumanity happening all around us while in our backyard it remains business as usual.

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Why pensions are a European issue, and why the strike also is (and what you can do to help)


The role of political organisations certainly isn’t to substitute for the workers or their trade unions. However, they may at any time help ...

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DiEM25 Romania – Not "All Quiet on the Eastern Front"


25,000 in Bucharest: DiEM25 and the Romanian diaspora organised a protest against reasons for mass emigration

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DiEMers from Sicily oppose their government


DSC Augusta 1 speaks out against Special Economic Zones in Syracuse, Sicily.

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