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Netherlands: Far-right win calls for a focus on humanity



Rather than just vilifying individual politicians which only increases polarisation, we should focus on building democracy and giving people ...

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Our defeat in context: Greece’s Erdogan-isation is almost complete



MeRA25 seems to have suffered because we tried to inspire our base with hard-hitting truths rather than soothing false narratives

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DiEMers from across Europe are meeting in Greece this May


Athens is now set to host DiEM25's fourth Academy: an opportunity for our members to meet in person and merge perspectives from around Europe

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DiEM25 joins Free Assange Committee Belgium to protest for Julian’s freedom


Brussels played host to Assange's 51st birthday ‘celebrations’ which were used as an opportunity to call for his release

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Manifesto launch: It’s a new dawn, it’s a new DiEM25


Our movement has charted a new course that is more radical, confrontational and effective

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DiEM25 local groups took to the streets on July 3 to demand Assange’s freedom


On July 3 DiEMers from all over Europe celebrated Julian Assange's 50th birthday with a coordinated protest action.

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Europe is facing a housing crisis: DiEMers stand up for those left behind


On Housing Action Day, DiEM25 members mobilised in cities such as The Hague, Brussels, Lisbon, Lyon and more to shed light on the housing crisis!

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Democratic decay and uncertainty in Turkey


COVID-19 has exacerbated political and economic unrest in Turkey. The latest 'ban on HDP' signals continued systematic oppression of Kurds.

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Private interests may destroy part of Portugal’s natural beauty – let’s stop them


The cliffs of Ponta da Piedade in the Algarve are fenced off by private interests, who are seeking to develop it despite encroaching on public land.

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