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Ryanair must change


To defeat transnational corporate powers such as Ryanair, we must widen our mobilisation strategies and widen our understanding of democratic ...

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Democracy, xenophobia, and the political establishment: Stockholm DSC event report


The event was a huge success — and DiEM25 Stockholm received great feedback, questions, and input for the road ahead.

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Summary of meeting organised by DiEM25 local groups of Trieste (Italy) Ljublijana (Slovenia) and Rijeka (Croatia) in Gorizia


On Saturday 30 June, a diverse of group activists – from different countries, organisations, and political persuasions — met at the Kulturni dom ...

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Guarding "Fortress Europe"


Xenophobia and racism are flourishing while gatekeepers are ‘protecting’ the “Fortress Europe”.

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MeRA25's appeal to help fire victims


Your donation will help make a difference to the people of Greece who lost everything in the fires.

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Seismic security in the New Deal: from L’Aquila to the whole of Europe


For the first time ever, a European political programme includes seismic vulnerability and hazard reduction among its top priorities – not just ...

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Repeal the 8th Amendment

Vótáil Tá – Vote Yes to Repeal the 8th Amendment


An open letter to DiEM25 members from DiEM25 Belfast DSC1.

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DiEM25 debates workers’ Brexit opportunities in Edinburgh


John Page suggested that workers could benefit from three areas that would be freed of total or partial EU control: industrial strategy, State ...

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Europe Day: not a day of celebration (yet)


So on this “Europe Day” let’s reflect on what kind of a Europe we have, why we have it, and how to move towards a new one that can make us proud ...

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