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DiEM25 returned to Berlin to celebrate its second birthday!

DiEM25 returned to Berlin to celebrate its second birthday!


The Berlin birthday gatherings celebrated our progress – and set out an agenda for building on it as we move toward the 2019 European elections.

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Belgrade elections here we come!

Belgrade elections — here we come?


DSC-Belgrade teams up with 'Don't Let Belgrade D[r]own' ahead of the municipal elections next March.

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DiEM25 returns to Berlin

Start cooking, the recipe will follow!


DSC-Berlin is happy to invite you to our birthday celebration from February 9 to February 11 in... Berlin!

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Our city / Naš grad

Our city / Naš grad


DSC-Belgrade is teaming up with "Don't let Belgrade d(r)own", a grassroots initiative to bring the city back to its citizens.

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Make Amazon Pay

German DiEM25 activists take Amazon’s perverse labour practices head-on


Working conditions are worsening all over Europe and DiEM25 activists are joining the struggle to reverse the trend.

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Germany-wide meeting in Frankfurt

Report: Our third Germany-wide meeting in Frankfurt


What happened when 100 DiEMers got together in Germany’s financial capital last week.

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DiEM25-France ready to shake Europe!

DiEM25 France ready to shake Europe!


Old and new DiEMers, including representatives of our Provisional National Collective (PNC), got together with Yanis on Sunday.

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What about the (South) Eastern Question...?

What about the (South) Eastern Question…?


A call to our fellow DiEMers from Eastern Europe to join us and to bring us closer to other Europeans with different histories in the west, ...

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DiEM25 seminar in Prague

”How to Democratise Europe?” A DiEM25 seminar in Prague


Our European New Deal was presented as a stabilisation program to pave the way towards a new European constitution.

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