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Whistleblower Maria Efimova fears for her safety: “This is part of their vindictive strategy: to silence me”


MeRA25 and DiEM25 to pressure the Greek Government to grant asylum to Maria Efimova, the whistleblower at the centre of a corruption scandal ...

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Solidarity to Jeremy Corbyn and an initiative to reinvigorate progressive politics in the UK


DiEM25 will soon announce an initiative to bring together Britain’s progressives to discuss the future of progressive politics in the UK.

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Demand the right to citizenship for immigrants in Italy on 3 October!


We take to the streets on 3 October, the national day in memory of the victims of immigration after the tragic shipwreck off Lampedusa.

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Europeans must hang our head in shame at what is happening in Moria


The incarceration on the island of Lesbos of twelve thousand refugees in the prison camp in Moria led to yet another tragedy.

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DiEM25 vs ECB: A good day in our struggle to expose the weaponisation of the ECB against European democracy


The General Court of the European Union (EGC) was wrong says Advocate General: the ECB cannot deny Europeans access to the #GreekFiles.

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DiEM25 supports the green-left coalition in Croatia


The green-left coalition in Croatia emphasizes social justice, the end of financial orthodoxy, and an investment program for ecological transition.

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Compleanno di DiEM25 a Roma con l'evento "Manifestiamo"


Compleanno di DiEM25′ a Roma Nel quarto compleanno di DiEM25, i DSC Romani e il Collettivo Nazionale Italiano hanno organizzato ...

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Missione compiuta. DiEM25 festeggia la vittoria su Salvini in Emilia Romagna.


Missione compiuta. DiEM25 festeggia la vittoria su Salvini in Emilia Romagna.  Primo segnale di speranza per l’Italia e tutta Europa nella lotta ...

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