Manifesto launch: It’s a new dawn, it’s a new DiEM25

Our movement has charted a new course that is more radical, confrontational and effective

When DiEM25 was founded in February 2016, it brought together progressives united in recognising one simple fact: Europe had to be democratised, or it would disintegrate.

Since then, it has disintegrated. Brexit happened. Divides emerged and deepened – between north and south, east and west. Our border forces are complicit in the deaths of people crossing the Mediterranean, the planet continues to warm, and fascism continues to rise. War has broken out. All throughout, Europe has teetered between an incapability to respond, while actively provoking these disasters.

Why did it happen, and how can we take back power?

These are the questions our movement set out to answer when writing our new guiding document. Hence, after much discussion and an all-member vote, DiEMers have an answer: Europe will be democratised, once the oligarchy is overthrown!


They own the apartments we live in, the banks that keep our money, the vaccines that save our lives, the apps we need to work, the data these apps collect about us, the oil and gas that heat up our planet – and, more importantly, they own the politicians that were supposed to defend us against them.

To democratise Europe, we have to take back power from the oligarchs. And for that, we need a new, reinvigorated DiEM25 – more radical, more confrontational, and more effective than ever.

The day is ours. Let’s seize it, together.




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