Making noise, generating voice

The DiEM Voice Platform is a community of artists, culture makers, researchers and citizens aiming to reinvent the democratic culture of Europe.
Culture is a possibility of a vision. And best of all ‘culture’ is still an undefined field.
We address the question: 
‘How do we operate in new ways creatively, co-operatively, and politically as citizens of Europe?’
In answering this question, we believe that the voices of the citizens of Europe are the materials for reinventing political culture of European democracy and that everyone’s actions, thoughts, ideas, voice can have an ongoing impact on DiEM25’s policy making. Breaking the silence, invoking feelings again.
DiEM Voice is a dialogue between people using arts, contextualising democratic aesthetics through praxis. 
We are creating events to appeal to various ages and individuals. We offer space for artists and citizens of Europe to come forward with suggestions, questions, and thoughts; Europeans who want to engage with politics using alternative creative formats and contexts. 
We devise systems drawing from artistic, political, and critical practices in order to orchestrate a creative-political exchange between DiEM25, the citizens of Europe, and the corresponding artists.
The Voice of DiEM25, is a patchwork of actions, thoughts, ideas created during events in relation to DiEM25’s pillars (The European New Deal, Transparency, Refugees and Migration, Labour, Green Investment, A European Constitution, The Internet of People).
We are creating an eighth pillar on Democratic Culture and for this we are collaborating with artists, policy makers, and creative researchers.

The DiEM Voice platform will achieve its goals by:

  • Developing the DiEM Voice Project of empowering participation in DiEM25 policy making processes;
  • Inventing new methodologies of peoples participation in culture, arts and in politics;
  • Supporting the development of artistic projects, actions, pieces of arts and research aiming at reinventing democratic approach in culture and in societies;
  • Organizing workshops, exhibitions, festivals and actions aimed at popularizing democratic artistic and cultural methodologies;
  • Developing democratic culture policy within the DiEM25 Progressive Agenda for Europe.