Coordinating Collective

The Coordinating Collective (CC) is the body tasked with directing DiEM25 across Europe and beyond, coordinating the strategy and policy of the movement, while enabling members to take the fight to the Establishment. Each year, half of the seats of the CC are open to election. The following people make up the current CC:

The 12-member Coordinating Collective (CC) coordinates all our activities. Every year, half of the seats on the CC are renewed through an election.


Erik Edman

Political Director

Political activist and Euro-bubble professional.

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Nils Belliot

Worker. Personnel Representative.

Hoping to create bridges between social and climate justice.

Francesca Martinez

Wobbly comedian, writer, actor and campaigner.

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Evi Petsangouraki

Tourist Guide and a Forest Engineer.

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Ivana Nenadovic

Finance and Events Coordination

Theatre producer and political activist.

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Patrizia Pozzo

Press and Media relations

Environmental activist strongly convinced that there can be no environmental justice without a social one.

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Jochen Schult

Retired professor of German as a foreign language, political activist, lives in Athens, Greece

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Yanis Varoufakis

MeRA25 leader and Member of Parliament

Economist. Former Greek finance minister and Member of the Hellenic Parliament. DiEM25 co-founder.

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Julijana Zita

Self-employed consultant for hospitality and events, activist and optimist.

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Julia Moore

Lecturer in Law, Politics and Social Sciences. Amateur geologist,eternal optimist.

Defne Dalkara

Lapsed biologist, economics and ecology enthusiast, part of GNDE coordination team.

Danae Stratou

Installation artist and founding member of DiEM25.

Operations team

The CC appoints several people to assist its work. An overview of all DiEM25 hires and their job descriptions can be found here.

Judith Meyer

IT Coordination

Polyglot, computational linguist (MA) and author of several books and online courses on language-learning.

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Johannes Fehr

Organising Director

Board member of MERA25 Germany, studied Renewable Energies.

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Lucas Febraro

Communications Coordinator

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Dusan Pajovic

Campaign Coordinator

Social psychologist and advocate of total liberation.

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Amir Kiyaei

Policy Coordinator

Works with our grassroots members in developing policy positions for the Movement.

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Mehran Khalili

Political Communications and Impact

Does political communications and photojournalism. Based in Greece – a beautiful country that’s having a tough time.

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Davide Castro

Digital Communications and Online Strategy

Political scientist with background in communications. Based in Brussels.

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Nadia Sales Grade

Media relations & Newsletter coordination

Media Relations and Cultural Projects Manager based in Lisbon, activist in her heart.

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Panos Stenos

Info Desk & Translations Coordination

Andreas Vou

Web editor

Alex Wilk

Web design and front-end development