DiEM25 Prague Assembly Process

DiEM25 Assembly, Prague, November 23-24

In little over three years, we as DiEM25 have accomplished a lot: we founded a pioneering transnational movement to address the various crises that are disintegrating our Union; we created the first-ever pan-European coalition to run for elections behind a common progressive political programme; we got nine DiEMers into the Greek Parliament, and we launched the Green New Deal for Europe, a set of bold and concrete policies to address the climate change emergency and transform our energy system to save the planet.

And on November 23-24 in Prague, we will hold our first Assembly to bring DiEMers together for one very important task: to critically assess where we are today and help define a blueprint for DiEM25 to move forward.


Proposal submission process

  • Call for proposals (to be submitted here): from October 2 [02/10/2019] to October 28 [28/10/2019]
  • Proposals that do not meet the form criteria will be discarded
  • All proposals that meet the set criteria will be put to an All-Member Vote
  • The vote shall begin on November 1 [01/11/2019] and end on November 8 [08/11/2019].
  • Voting will take place in the Members’ Area. All DiEM25 members will be able to review each proposal when they log in before voting for their top 5
  • The 3 most-voted proposals per category will proceed to the Assembly, along with a proposal from the CC concerning the overall strategic direction of the movement. 10 proposals in total go to the Assembly


  • Registration for the Assembly: from October 20 [20/10/2019] to Novemeber 4 [04/11/2019]
  • DiEM25 will cover the accommodation cost for 40 participants (for those who will participate to present their proposals or NCs) using the same procedure as for the DiEM25 Academies
  • Member representing a ‘winning’ proposal [top 3 in each category] is guaranteed a place at the Assembly
  • Delegates will be allocated with a view to gender and geographic parity and will receive an email confirming their place in the Assembly
  • Filling out the form does not guarantee a place in the Assembly. Please wait for a confirmation email before making any travel arrangements


  • The assembly has 1 chair, 1 vice-chair and 1 minute-taker
    • The assembly has 60 minutes to discuss each of the 9 member proposals, during which:
      • The proposal is presented by the member representing it – 2 minutes
      • The floor is opened to questions and feedback – 15 minutes
      • Participants who wish to provide amendments are asked by the moderator to go to the front of the room. They then have 30 seconds each to present their amendment. If similar amendments are proposed, the moderator will merge them – 10 minutes.
      • Once all amendments have been presented, participants are asked to walk up to the person whose amendment they would like to discuss. Each group discusses and formulates their amendment – 15 minutes
      • Each group presents their final amendment and all participants vote on it – 10 minutes
      • All participants are called to vote on the final amended proposal – 5 minutes

All participants will receive a hardcopy of all proposals upon arrival at the Assembly.