E59: Real allies and rainbow washing: Is Pride month still true to its original goals?

Pride month is when corporations take to social media to signal their progressive credentials. But are they genuinely interested in creating diverse, inclusive societies? Or are they marketing a form of rainbow capitalism? And what should we, as radical subversive activists, be doing to advance LGBT+ causes?

Our panel, including Yanis Varoufakis, Ivana Nenadovic, Erik Edman and more, investigate.

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Yanis Varoufakis: Israelis are not good material for making slaves. But nor are Palestinians

The right to resist enslavement is not exclusive to any people

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What’s happening in France?

Macron has shown his contempt for the public, once again proving that we are living in a time of “democracy” without the “demos”

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A shocking and invigorating meeting of DiEM25’s Coordinating Collective

We can’t know whether our efforts will succeed in bringing radical change for the better – but we will certainly never give up trying.

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Why did the Silicon Valley Bank go bankrupt and trigger a banking crisis? Are we back to 2008?

Every systemic banking crisis has a trigger that sets it off. In the case of SVB, the reason for its bankruptcy is twofold

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