E59: Real allies and rainbow washing: Is Pride month still true to its original goals?

Pride month is when corporations take to social media to signal their progressive credentials. But are they genuinely interested in creating diverse, inclusive societies? Or are they marketing a form of rainbow capitalism? And what should we, as radical subversive activists, be doing to advance LGBT+ causes?

Our panel, including Yanis Varoufakis, Ivana Nenadovic, Erik Edman and more, investigate.

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Israel’s Rafah tents massacre: Yet another heinous war crime

Just when we thought we couldn’t see anything more heinous in its genocidal war on Gaza, Israel has plumbed greater depths of savagery by ...

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EU elections: We’re ready to unite Europe for peace, freedom, and dignity

MERA25 parties have candidates in Germany, Greece, and Italy poised to transform the voice of the European Parliament

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Slovakia PM assassination attempt and the long-brewing unrest that preceded it

Slovakian prime minister Robert Fico was shot on May 16 in an assassination attempt that has naturally garnered global headlines

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Rosa Luxemburg: The struggle against opportunism and reformism

Luxemburg symbolised, for young people especially, opposition against class compromise in Germany

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