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An dieser Stelle veröffentlichen wir häufig Texte unserer Mitglieder. Nachfolgend findet ihr einen Text darüber, wie man Selbstbestimmung und ...

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Austerity is stupid: here's why the powerful don’t like to admit it


The International Monetary Fund [IMF] now publicly condemns austerity policies but little has been done to turn away from them.

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The song and dance about the UN migration pact


Our asylum system will forbid Europe from returning asylum-seekers to a country in which they would be in likely danger of persecution.

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El bombo y platillo del pacto migratorio de la ONU

Nuestro sistema de asilo prohibirá a Europa devolver a los solicitantes de asilo a un país en el que corran el riesgo de ser perseguidos.

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DiEM25's recently established volunteer group (DSC) in North Strafforshire is leading the way


They have been busy supporting DiEM25's UK National Collective and engaging in the local community too.

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O nosso plano para redinamizar a Europa pode ter êxito, enquanto os de Emanuel Macron e de Thomas Piketty falharam | Yanis Varoufakis

Sob o "New Deal Verde", podem ser criados €500bn por ano sem aumentar impostos - e pode tentar o Reino Unido a voltar atrás.

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Our plan to revive Europe can succeed where Macron and Piketty failed | Yanis Varoufakis


Under my Green New Deal, €500bn a year can be created without raising taxes – and it may tempt Britain back to the fold.

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Un appello, un'Internazionale Progressista

Il 30 novembre, Bernie Sanders e Yanis Varoufakis hanno annunciato la nascita di un grande movimento internazionale per combattere le ...

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Nuestro plan para revivir Europa puede tener éxito donde Macron y Piketty fracasaron

Con mi New Deal Verde, se pueden crear 500 mil millones de euros al año sin subir impuestos – y podría tentar a Gran Bretaña de nuevo al redil.

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