They own the apartments we live in, the banks that keep our money, the drugs that save our lives, the apps we need to work, the data these apps collect about us, the oil and gas that heat up our planet, and the politicians that were supposed to represent us.
Only one thing can change that: a democratic revolution. Join us in building it.


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E82: Grief and anger in France: liberty, equality and fraternity for whom?

Anger is palpable in France today, as the recent killing of a 17-year-old by police during a traffic stop ignited countrywide protests

E81: Europe’s Mediterranean graveyard

This month saw one of the worst shipwrecks in Europe. Who should be held accountable? And what needs to change to prevent further tragedies?

E80: Beyond bigotry – Why are transgender rights under attack?

Some of the counter debates on trans rights are a smokescreen for veiled bigotry. But are some of them justified and, if so, how do we address some of the myths and concerns currently driving transphobia?