They own the apartments we live in, the banks that keep our money, the drugs that save our lives, the apps we need to work, the data these apps collect about us, the oil and gas that heat up our planet, and the politicians that were supposed to represent us.
Only one thing can change that: a democratic revolution. Join us in building it.

Petition: We demand the resignation of Ursula von der Leyen

The European Commission president has violated the European Union's legal framework and disregarded basic moral decency

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E87: Free speech or hate speech? Gaza, antisemitism and Islamophobia

What’s the reality behind these disturbing dynamics? What repercussions might there be for the wider Middle Eastern context?

E86: Gaza screams for help. Why won’t Europe listen?

How independent can the EU be when it falls in line with the US position on the conflict? What’s behind these cowardly moves of our leaders?

E85: Israel-Hamas: What’s happening, and what can we do?

How can we bring a stop to the loss of innocent lives, and prevent a possibly catastrophic response from the far-right Israel government?