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DIEM25 is een pan-Europese, progressieve beweging die tot doel heeft de EU te democratiseren voordat ze uiteenspat. Onze inzet om die verandering te realiseren is verankerd in onze Green New Deal voor Europa. Lees meer

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Latest from DiEM25

The crisis of Care: Carers are not ‘hard to reach’, they are easy to ignore

Until carers are supported and funded to unite across regions and borders, they will continue to die from Coronavirus and continue to be exploited.

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De Progressieve Internationale: een oproep aan alle progressieve krachten

Nog nooit eerder is internationale solidariteit zo nodig geweest

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The Green New Deal for Europe guarantees social and climate justice

With the GNDE and the European Justice Commission, the EU can direct the system to reforms that will benefit the climate, while prioritising social justice.

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Multinationals, how much do they pay and where? A call for transparency.

European leadership on public country-by-country reporting could fix the environment of secrecy and abuse in the tax practices of multinationals.

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DiEM25 is powered by people like you. Wherever you are, whatever volunteer time, skills, and resources you can contribute, join us! Time is running out, so get hands on to help build our movement and make our vision for Europe come true.

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DiEM25 is a bottom-up social and political movement in which all decisions and initiatives are democratically taken by its members. From developing the movement's organisational strategy to drafting policy proposals and even running in elections, DiEMers from every corner of Europe have more than a say in shaping the future they want. Join our online thematic groups and help us develop and materialise our Progressive Agenda for Europe.