Europe is ruled by oligarchs.


They own the apartments we live in, the banks that keep our money, the drugs that save our lives, the apps we need to work, the data these apps collect about us, the oil and gas that heat up our planet, and the politicians that were supposed to represent us.
Only one thing can change that: a democratic revolution. Join us in building it.

No to this Europe

Petition: Suspend Israel from international sports

We demand an immediate suspension of Israel from participation in all international sports until it fully complies with international law and sports regulations

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E96: BANNED from Germany for speaking out for Palestine – with Yanis Varoufakis

The long repression of pro-Palestinian voices in Germany reached a peak last Friday.

E95: What the hell is happening in Germany? The brutal attack on pro-Palestinian voices

As Israel’s genocide in Gaza rages on, Germany is leading efforts to silence criticism of Israel’s actions

E94: Russia vs NATO – is nuclear war on the horizon?

As the US is poised to deliver its largest military ‘aid’ package, and with EU nations ramping up their assistance ahead of European elections, the implications loom large