Political Vision

We recognise that Europeans have given up on their politicians – and they are right!

To empower the people of Europe, we envision new layers of democracy between citizens and elected representatives. On a local level, democratic deliberative councils made up of randomly selected residents will complement the representative institutions of government. That same principle will be applied at a pan-European level, where we are committed to a series of constitutional people’s assemblies that will build a democratic constitution for a European Republic. This Europe will be:

  • Democratic, with all political power stemming from Europe’s peoples.
  • Social, where “freedom” means not only freedom from interference, but also the basic income, care and goods that set us free from need and exploitation.
  • Decentralised, using central power to maximise democracy in towns, cities, regions and states.
  • Transparent, with all decision-making under people’s scrutiny.
  • Honest, working towards a better future without hiding from its imperialist past.
  • Peaceful, de-escalating tensions in its East and in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions, ending colonial projects in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere, and rejecting militarism and expansionism everywhere.
  • Open, alive and attractive to ideas, people and inspiration from all over the world, recognising fences and borders as signs of weakness that spread insecurity in the name of security.
  • Liberated, enabling people to be born into fewer stereotypical roles, to enjoy even chances to develop their potential, and to be free to choose their partners in all aspects of life, work and society.