Ecological Vision

We face a climate, environmental and social crisis – and we are running out of time.

But if we come together and unite behind a shared vision of justice and sustainability, we can build a better Europe for future generations. That’s why we commit to a Green New Deal for Europe, that would make our continent:

  • Sane, unwilling to sacrifice what’s left of our planet in order to keep the profits flowing into oligarchs’ pockets.
  • Responsible, meeting the scale of the challenge, without sparing the resources necessary to secure the green transition, and committed to acting right now – not in a few years or decades.
  • Just, where the cost of this transition won’t fall on the shoulders of the weakest, and all people will have a home and a decent job.
  • Bold, not only helping secure a future for life on Earth, but daring to create a much better world: more secure, more fair, more equal.