DiEM25 aims to expose and end the opaqueness of European institutions’ meetings and summits, and also to make public all relevant documents and protocols of trade negotiations.

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Our solution

The EU lacks transparency and democratic process. Officials change without citizens ever knowing that they were appointed in the first place. Without transparency, there is no democracy. If you do not know what your elected officials are doing on your behalf, you cannot pass judgement on them.

Since we began in 2016, DiEM25 has fought to make the case for transparency as the foundation of democracy. Our founding manifesto declares transparency to be the prerequisite to transform Europe and deliver our common project to the people. Our collaboration with WikiLeaks editor and DiEM25 Advisory Panel member Julian Assange is essential in our bid to support and defend the efforts of true champions of transparency.

That’s why back in March 2016, just a month after our launch, we called on DiEMers from across Europe to join us at our first official event and help us launch our Transparency in Europe Now! campaign to demand all EU decision-making to take place under citizens’ scrutiny.

Then, in 2017, together with Member of the European Parliament Fabio De Masi, we filed a Freedom of Information (FOI) request before the ECB to make public the legal opinion it used to legitimise the imposition of capital controls on Greece in the summer of 2015. In addition, we launched our #GreeksFiles campaign to bring awareness to this case. As our request for transparency was ignored by the Establishment, in 2018 we took the ECB to court.

An on March 14, 2020, for the first time in history, Europeans were able to take a front seat in the meetings where their future is decided: DiEM25’s #EuroLeaks took Europeans inside the secretive, powerful Eurogroup that has no standing in law or treaty where far-reaching decisions about all our lives are made.

#Euroleaks is a wake-up call to all politicians in Europe to serve the citizens of Europe again and to make them aware of all important decisions that affect them.

Because only radical transparency will help us democratise Europe and legitimise its institutions, stay tuned to this page to learn about DiEM25’s upcoming campaigns and actions.

First draft of policy paper Support #Euroleaks