E80: Beyond bigotry – Why are transgender rights under attack?

DiEM25 has always stood firmly against transphobia and all forms of discrimination. There is no question for our movement about the validity of transgender rights.

In mainstream media and the wider society, though, numerous related issues have ignited fiery debates, including potential implications for women’s spaces, the question of youth transitioning, and the impact on sports competitions. As a result, the trans community has been under attack not only by the Right, but also some on the Left and in the LGBTQ+ community.

Some of these debates are clearly a smokescreen for veiled bigotry. But are some of them just reservations in response to rapidly evolving gender norms? And, if so, how do we address some of the myths and concerns currently driving transphobia, and make sure people out there ally with the cause of the trans community around Europe?

Our team, including Yanis Varoufakis, Julijana Zita and Dusan Pajovic, investigates.

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