E86: Gaza screams for help. Why won’t Europe listen?

We’re more than two weeks into the implacable collective punishment of the Palestinian people by Israel. Thousands of civilians have been killed, most of them children, in a campaign that has Palestinians and Western activists and academics ringing the alarm bells of genocide.

And yet our European leaders seem incapable to see anything but Israel exercising its “right to self-defence”. Unelected Commission President Ursula von der Leyen offered her unqualified support to Israel, with not a word about respect for the rights of Palestinians. French leader Emmanuel Macron criminalised pro-Palestine protests, as did German chancellor Olaf Scholz – who has also called for less refugees coming into Germany, and even for mass deportations.

How independent can Europe be, when it falls so nakedly in line with the US’ position on the conflict? What’s really behind these cowardly moves of our ‘leaders’? And what can all of us, watching the horrors unfold on our screens, do about it?

That’s what our panel, including Yanis Varoufakis, Erik Edman and Julijana Zita, discussed.

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