DiEM25: One Year On

09/02/2017, Articles
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DiEM25 1-year anniversary


In February 2016, we launched our movement with a simple goal: to democratise Europe. Back then, the establishment media quickly dismissed us as ‘too radical’ and ‘utopian’, and went back to the business of preserving the status quo for their corporate and political masters.

Well, a year on, our journey to ‘radical utopia’ is going quite well! We now have nearly 40,000 members in 56 countries, crossed swords with the Establishment with campaigns on migration and transparency, assembled a pack of progressive leaders like Noam Chomsky, Elif Şafak and Brian Eno to help guide our movement, and developed an economic agenda to save Europe in a pioneering grassroots democratic process that gives every single member a say.

And we’re just getting started…

Here’s a detailed look at what we’ve done over the past year.


Happy birthday DiEMers!


DSCs at work


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