Yearly Archives: 2016

Hillary Clinton and David Cameron

The Establishment Gambled and Lost


Trump’s election is the second time in a few months that a vote has left the establishment confused and scared in its wake. The first such ...

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Franco "Bifo" Berardi

National Workerism and Racial Warfare


As they did in 1933, the workers have revenged against those who have long been duping them: the politicians of the “democratic” reformist left.

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Brian Eno

Trump is a wake up call. I am glad DiEM25 is awake – Brian Eno


DiEM25 Advisory Panel member, Brian Eno, on Trump´s victory: "I see this as an opportunity – which is why I’m less distressed than my American ...

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Donald Trump

A day of victory for the politics of fear, loathing and division


Donald Trump’s victory marks the end of an era when a self-confident Establishment preached the end of history, the end of passion and the ...

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during United States presidential election 2016

A Call to American Friends and Comrades


DiEM25's CC members, Thomas Seibert and Yanis Varoufakis, appeal to our friends in America to do their part in preventing a Trump presidency ...

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David Cameron and Alexis Tsipras

How the EU’s Greek Tragedy Became a British Farce


Europe’s crisis of confidence will likely continue spreading across Europe: In Holland and France, but also in Spain and Italy, as well as in ...

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PSOE’s Penchant for Repeating PASOK’s Disappearing Act


Spain’s socialists jettisoned Pedro Sánchez to allow Mariano Rajoy to form a government as if in a bid to replicate the disappearing act of ...

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Pedro Sánchez

Spain’s ousted opposition leader reveals where the real power lies: with the country’s oligarchs


Let Mariano Rajoy stay in power or bring on a third round of elections. Those were the only choices that the former Secretary General of the ...

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Our Pan-European Movement is Picking Up Speed


Our first DSC News article features interviews with our collectives in Amsterdam, Barcelona and South Bohemia...

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